Round ’em Up!

Is that a wagon train in the distance?

(On our recent glamp romp to SD, we’d been driving for an hour or so and hadn’t seen any sign of man, beast, or habitat.)

Good golly miss molly … decidedly not. And not a soul in sight, or on site, for that matter. We saw this, um, ghost town in the middle of nowhere. Can’t recall which state we were in, but clearly the state this area was in, wasn’t too good!

Dorothy, we aren’t in Idaho anymore.

I’ve often wondered what would happen if my love of trailers, cows, and horses got more than a little out of hand.

  1. Shery says:

    That unsightly mess is just outside of Buffalo, WY. It has been like that for *years*. Not a pretty sight as you enter an otherwise beautiful small city nestled at the foot of the Big Horn mountains. There are city ordinances that when enforced prevent that kind of visual pollution, but few (like zero) regulations exist out in the country. Sad really.

    • MaryJane says:

      Buffalo’s had its share of fires this year. The west is on fire. That said, I wanted to live in Buffalo. I wanted to live in Dillon (I picked out a house). I wanted to live in Montana. All of it is just like I remembered it as a child–The Yellowstone, Madison, and Clark Fork rivers. Amazing. Made me cry. I swear I saw the very place on the Madison my family camped and fished when I was a youngster. And where you live Shery? I want to join you. Beautiful beyond words. Wyoming!!!!!!!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    These photos are sad!!!! A proverbial dumping ground for junk just because there are wonderful wide open spaces. When I see this sort of thing, I ask myself why would people be so disrespectful of our Mother Earth?

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