You’ve Got Mail

Can you feel it in the air? We’re transitioning to fall, and soon … winter and the holidays! We’re just finishing the December issue of my magazine and have been decorating Christmas trees. Tra-la-la, deck the halls with …

Michele Hieb made this adorable little prim angel for me. I met Michele during our Glampers on the Loose trip to South Dakota. Just lovely, darling, sweet, and thoughtful.

  1. Terry Steinmetz says:

    Angles are singing with this one you have!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    It is close to 90 everyday and we have rain showers and humidity still. So, it does not feel like fall at all!! It still feels like July. Boo. Fall and Christmas seem so far away even though the calendar reads October.

  3. Betty in Pasco says:

    It feels like fall here on the west side of the Palouse. We are supposed to have a freeze either tonight or tomorrow night. I’m picking the rest of my red tomatoes and getting the garden ready for its winter nap. Have to till the grass clippings into the soil for a little extra nitrogen. The lawn needs mowed and I have to get some coleus clippings in for the winter in preparation for 2013.

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