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Like collecting eggs from wayward chickens, it can be somewhat of a task keeping up with all of the social media happenings at MaryJanesFarm. You won’t want to miss a thing—especially our Sisterhood blogging community over at (This is my favorite daily pleasure.) Ladies of the Sisterhood, now numbering 4,690 (and counting), have earned an amazing number of Merit Badges so far—6,500 total! We’ve recently started alerting earned Badges daily on our MaryJanesFarm Facebook page.

My blog, (the one you’re on right now) is a little bit more of the fun and frilly that you’ve come to expect from MaryJanesFarm, and is my outlet for conversation in between magazines. And every Friday, I feature a …

Sister who has recently earned a Merit Badge.

If you’re a Facebook or Twitter kind of gal, you’ll find my posts teased on my Twitter account and my Facebook account.

Updates for all things glamorously glampifying for our International Glamping Weekend (June 1 & 2, 2013) can be found at its Facebook fan page.

Facebook and Twitter not your thing? Then, our Pinterest page can keep you up-to-date with recipes, projects, products, and beautiful images captured here at my farm.

And, if smart phones are your thing, I know you’ll be excited to hear about MaryJanesFarm on Instagram. A photo a day keeps the blues away! While I’m waiting to hear back from you, I hope one of these outlets brings you into our fold so that you continue to enjoy all that we have to offer.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m really glad you are discussing this topic today MaryJane. As I must confess to being completely overwhelmed & more than a bit lost when I first came looking for you with my standard Google search. It was a few months ago, shortly after I had bought & read my 1st issue of your magazine (which~very much impressed me). So I read your personal bio…on…I couldn’t tell you which Google page but the more I read about your life & how open to sharing your personal growth/stories with your readers’, I became interested in reading more.

    Of all the formats you listed above, this one (RAISING JANE) is by far my favorite….besides Pinterest. I stumbled into your Raising Jane blog early on & it’s a good thing b/c I would never have followed you on FB or Twitter (but that’s just me). There are so many reasons why I prefer this format (which to me is almost like an extension of your magazine) b/c you engage your reader in actual dialog:-) Truly, I was astonished after posting here just a couple times than you answered or spoke to me directly! That speaks volumes to me that you actually write & read your own posts everyday…or close there to?

    I could go on & on but I don’t want to turn my response into an opinion poll. However, I will mention 2 more things I feel are pertinent.

    ~When I try to access your Pinterest site from the link/logo you have provided here it takes me to a page that is no longer active on Pinterest. So now I have your true Pinterest page listed as a favorite on my computer & can access it from there.

    ~Your graphics (on Raising Jane) are wonderful & I find this background best to read from. Your pages are not cluttered or distracting. The reason I adore (strong word but since I’m a very visual person it works for me) Pinterest is b/c if the poster has done their job & labeled & linked everything correctly it is like a treasure trove of beauty/facts/how~to’s etc.

    So much more I want to ask you & share with you but I’ll wait until you bring up a topic ~much like this one~ where I try to fit everything in:-) Sorry, if I got off topic or a bit convoluted there. I just have all this stuff running through my mind about 2 of your books I just read & your magazines & such, and I’m sure you are BUSY:-) Which is a good thing to be.

    Thank you for sharing so much information with us & responding to our inquires, very classy & greatly appreciated.

    • MaryJane says:

      Great long post Elizabeth. Thank you. I will try to fix the Pinterest link. Hmmm. When I finished my post last night, I thought I had it right. If it’s a challenge for readers like you to locate these things, you can imagine what’s it’s like for me. I still don’t know how to text! I am committed to it though because of readers like you who I value dearly. I’ve never felt like this blog was a required chore. I truly love it … and YOU. Thanks for ALL your thoughtful comments. I read every one of them. However, it is true, I don’t always have time for a response. Lots of deadlines in my life. It warms my heart that you’re out there for me.

      • MaryJane says:

        The link takes me right to my Pinterest page. Would refreshing your computer make it work for you, possibly? I’m not sure what to do. I don’t have my computer guy here until Jan. 7. I’ll ask him then why you’re having trouble with it.

        • Gabe says:

          If we’re talking about the link to Pinterest in this post itself, it looks like it works to me, as well – takes me to the MaryJanesFarm Pinterest page.
          So, I’m at a loss as to what may be going on for you, Elizabeth.

          But, you mention a link/logo … ? I’m not sure if you might actually mean something else. The “Pin It” button seems to work. Is it just the link in the text that you meant, and you were searching for the right word?

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Elizabeth, I agree with you too! While I have been enjoying the magazine for 3 years now and loving and participating on the MJF Connection, the Raisin Jane blog is so fun because we get to talk with Mary Jane, Meg and other staff who post. It makes it all seem real and that inspires me to become more involved. The personal connection is so powerful and for me , it is what makes the experience worth while and meaningful! I am glad that MJF is reaching out on lots of levels as everyone favors what works best for them. And the more conversations, the more interesting and meaningful the experience!

    • MaryJane says:

      Well, good morning Winnie. I’ve just had my daily Winnie fix. What would I do if you took a month off? Does my Pinterest link work for you this morning?

      • Winnie Nielsen says:

        I have a Pinterest Page but find that I don’t go there that often. Pinterest is fun but I find it a huge time killer and with working, I just don’t want to spend the time there. I would rather be knitting if I get some spare time or read a book or magazine. It seems like there are not enough hours in the day to do all the fun things I want outside of using my computer.

        • MaryJane says:

          I hear ya. Even though I have a MaryJanesFarm Pinterest page (my daughter loves Pinterest) and make decisions about what to put on it and how it should look, I have never spent even one minute on Pinterest. Maybe some day I’ll learn to text and decide to pin (it does look like fun) but for now, my plate is full and those two things just didn’t make the cut. Here’s something interesting that Pinterest did recently without my permission. In their push to grow their market share, they started a personal page (MaryJane Butters) for me and loaded a few things on it. Every day, women sign up to follow me and we have to send them to our MJF page (not easy because we can’t contact them directly). When we contacted Pinterest to have it deleted, they said they would also have to delete our MJF page, making it so we’d have to start over. Odd at best.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Good morning MaryJane, Gabe & Winnie. Thank you all for responding to my inquiry about the Pinterest link. I apologize for the confusion I created about the link I mentioned (which is actually on another page). The above Pinterest link which MaryJane provided on this page works just fine for me too.

    It is a different link & page altogether which takes me to the now defunct MaryJane Pinterest page. If I scroll down to the bottom of this page & enter your MaryJaneFarm site, it is there that I find the Pinterest button which MaryJane just described above (for inactivity). Thank you for explaining.

    The reason I enjoy Pinterest so very much is b/c of the visuals but equally so b/c of the details that are often provided too (with a good link). For instance: In MaryJane’s most recent(?) magazine ~Organic Lifestyle Series ~ Vol. 12 #1 ~ Self Rising~ issue, I am trying yet another of your craft projects from page #69. You ladies & perhaps even Gabe are probably much more experienced at crafting, sewing , crocheting (you name it) than I am. When I saw the Christmas Card box you made, I knew I had to try one myself. Not knowing the 1st thing about what I was doing I set out to try making a pretty box by using one of my 2012 calenders & (it nearly brought me to tears) oh what a mess I made!

    So then, next, I went to the Pinterest crafts page (listed on the main Google page) keyed in a couple words about the above project & woala, several different Pinners’ have a folder dedicated to the topic (one lady actually provides diagrams you can enlarge, print & such). That has helped me tremendously as it seems there is a little bit of Geometry involved in this project & so many other sewing, cutting, piecing together projects I need help with:-)

    Your daughter has done a fabulous job with your Pinterest page MaryJane. I can browse Pinterest to see what new Pins friends & family have posted (& I do that occasionally too but it makes it more of a FB/Twitter experience). So I usually visit Pinterest to look for something specific & then may get side tracked looking at all the gorgeous pictures:-) It’s true, I am a picture person but sometimes the story within a picture needs words; and it is a good thing too, for without them I’d be lost.

    Thanks again to Gabe & MaryJane for the explanation & help. Hope you all have a great day.

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