Are you celebrating THIS day?

December 15 is National Cat Herders’ Day. To be honest, this is the first I’ve herd of this holiday. But, I’ll be celebrating.

The holiday is not to be taken literally, but rather, it is dedicated to doing the unmanageable. How impossible would it be to literally herd a bunch of cats? I can just picture it now, and the rodeo would be far more ridiculous than any of the adventures we’ve had moving cows from pasture to pasture out here at the farm. (Although we have had some pretty entertaining moments.) Guess we should be thankful we’re not running a cat dairy … for a variety of reasons.

Ever hear the phrase, “like trying to hold a box full of kittens”? Well, we have our hands full … in this case, just ONE Rascal is enough around here.

But yes, it is forever frustrating to attempt to manage the unmanageable. As a mother to two precious little girls, I think this holiday calls for celebration.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    What I most love about my kitty is that he refuses to be herded! Instead, you get far more cooperation by calling him, giving a good scritch on the back and then either scooping him up or walking back to the house while he follows. But herding?? Game on for a chase around the yard and bushes!!

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