Earth Meets Sky

From my office window, sky and land come together on equal terms.

With the occasional blue-sky tease to the east.

My greenhouse, full of greens, is cozy under a blanket of fresh snow.

And my animals?

Cozy and warm.

My fall-planted kale is holding its own, waiting for spring.


What have I been working on all weekend? A second celebration of Christmas! I’m decorating outside trees, building wreaths, waxing sleigh runners and skiis, and dusting off my ice skates. Why holiday decor in January? I’m working on next year’s December issue of MaryJanesFarm magazine. Photos, photos, photos. Lucky me, right? Pandora’s Celtic holiday music is keeping me in the mood. Christmas fiddle anyone?

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Mary Jane, these photos of your snowy landscape are so lovely. As I have mentioned before, when you never see such incredible beauty or have the opportunity to walk out a door and be in the middle of it, there exists an almost mystical, magical quality to it. It has been 80+ degrees here since last Thursday with a touch of humidity. So, in place of a blanket of snow, we are starting to see Redbud trees, Wild Plum, Winter rye grass, Southern Red Maples, Japanese Magnolias and other early spring bloomers starting to show early signs of full bloom. It is early even for Florida standards, and always beautiful. BUT, how lovely it would be to have a winter season with a blanket of snow and the quiet that accompanies the earth while it slumbers! Oh, and I love that last photo of the red fence , red berries, and Sandbakkel cookie molds ( yours look like my husband’s norwegian Nana’s that I now own) on the snow laden conifer. Magical!

  2. ace says:

    Those (vintage?) bears are adorable!!

    • MaryJane says:

      They were tattered and worn when I found them, spilling out their sawdust stuffing. But a patch or two, needle and thread, and they’ve come to life again. Pet rescue I think they call it.

  3. Terry Steinmetz says:

    I loved the pictures! We had rain yesterday, and most of our snow is gone. Photos tell such great stories. I love to use photos that I don’t want to scrapbook, but are beautiful, to make cards for others.

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