We Love Ewe!

First, before you click on “continue reading,” you must need prepare yourself for cuteness overload. That’s right, I said “must need” because the situation is more than just a must, or a need, it’s … a must need.

How this phrase made its way into the authorized language of the academic world has always perplexed me. But I digress …

On Monday, I showed you the lamb babies Kim surprised me with on a visit she made Sunday. Her little fur babies are snuggly, cuddly, and just oh so precious. And when I say babies, I mean babies, just two days old when I first laid eyes on them.

Yesterday, they made their first appearance in the farm offices. (After all, it was Monday.) These little cutie-patooties need to be bottle-fed four times a day (lucky us!).

Let’s recap. 25¢ onesies from Goodwill to secure their diapies. Oh ba-a-a-a-by. Stylish.

Lunch, comprised of fresh, raw milk from my Jersey girls.

They couldn’t quite figure out what to nibble on between bottle feedings. The computer cords around the office were a big hit. Luckily, their teeth haven’t come in yet.

“Here, you nibble on this bushel basket and I’ll nibble on your ear.”

Then, nap time! Also a little tricky, as they insisted on napping together … in someone’s lap. Ace got the hang of one-handed typing fairly quickly.

It’s magazine deadline, so of course these little cuties were a welcome distraction from our toil, but we couldn’t let ourselves get distracted for long.

The adventures of Piper and Patch (awesome name suggestions Kimberly Moorhouse!) will continue once the magazine has been put to bed. Stay tuned! Must need: CUTENESS.

  1. Rae B says:

    One word… ADORABLE!

  2. Nan Roberts says:

    This just makes my day, and my day just started. Cutie-patooties, I’d say sweet poopies, (has nothing to do with diaper contents). I just love the lap sleeping and one-handed typing. I learned that from my cats. And of course you’re on deadline. Hee hee, what a great distraction. Could we have more pictures and adventures of Piper and Patch? I need lots of cuteness right now.

  3. Winnie Nielsen says:

    So adorable! How does anyone get work done???

  4. CJ Armstrong says:

    Awwwww . . . sweet! Memories flood my mind and heart in remembering all the lambs we raised on our farm and how many lost their mommies and had to be bottle fed!
    Sweet babies and yes, cuteness OVERLOAD!

  5. Diane Van Horn says:

    Must Need is correct! Have you ever seen anything so precious?

  6. Terry Steinmetz says:

    These lambs are so-o-o cute & brightened my day. Thanks to you all!

  7. Debbie Fischer says:

    Oh how cute, can I have a couple of them please?

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