V-day Gifts

I’m curious. How did your significant other show-you-the-love on V-day? Me? I got not one (apparently he didn’t give me gooder grammar), but three, THREE baby dripping-with-sweetness, organic watermelons. (An out-of-season delicacy that had me swooning and spoonin’ in no time.)

And, AND … organic kale for my chickens. I kid you not. I’ve picked my greenhouse kale down to its very nubbins and was saying how sorry I felt for my chickens this time of year. “Poor things, I’m out of greens.” So what did hubby really give me in its most finest final form? Dark yellow yolks again, that’s what. (You know that’s what gives your homegrown eggs their vibrant color, right? Chlorophyll.)


No flowers for me because I still had some from our wedding anniversary we celebrated last week. 20 years and counting.

Or not. There comes a time when things like age and number of years matter less and less. We’re in that more and more gettin’ older stage. You know, too many candles for the cake kind of thing.

And what did my darlin’ get from me? Can you imagine the pair of feet that require a size 14 EE shoe? They almost qualify as a pair of skis. Or two deep-sea under-the-bed-cover submarines. Or aircraft carriers.

They were obviously a special-order item for my very V-day special guy… you could land a helicopter on the nail of his big toe … he uses pruning shears to trim …

Anyone else get kale from their sweetie on V-day? And if not, what “appropriately farmgirl” gift DID you get? Or not appropriate:) Moving on …



  1. Terry Steinmetz says:

    For V-day, my hubby grilled a special venison steak. We worked on packing for our trip to Florida. And we ate blackberry cheesecake that I made. A very nice day!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Now kale is one very cool gift ! V- day gifts to share and uplift. Truly, a Farmgirl’s idea of perfect in every way. Me? We are not into V Day stuff. I am lucky in that my sweetie tells me every day he loves me. And with that after 34 years, who needs VDay?

  3. Grace says:

    We’ve been together a long time also so kept it kinda quiet this year…Barnes & Noble is my “happy place” and the gift card I got with a sweet greeting card was just fine.

  4. Ruth says:

    It’s been such a long time ago that I’ve forgotten what year it was that my much younger husband dug a large hole in the front yard – in frozen earth! He brought in a couple of huge metal buckets full of dirt and sat them beside the wood stove in the basement to thaw out. On Valentine’s day he planted a pink dogwood in that hole, God love him! It’s still here, big and beautiful, and it won’t be long that it’ll be blooming again, God willing. It’s been my late Valentine gift every year since then.

  5. Ali says:

    I’m throwing a party for all my gal friends who won’t be getting presents from any significant other. This holiday can be pretty depressing if you read too many “what did my sweetheart get me” type posts.

  6. Char says:

    My sweet hubby of almost 44 years is taking me to Wegmans!I love Wegmans.He says anything you want you can have.I need to get the freshest ingredients for our Julia recipe,plus a good bottle of French wine(-:We are going to make a Julia Child dinner together.We have been doing this for some time.So much fun!

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