Lasso Yourself Some Shoes

Get out your lariats and round up this whopper of an idea right along with me.

Lasso shoes combine sewing and ingenuity to give us inexpensive footwear made of 100% natural materials: wool, cotton, and natural leather.

I’m thinking Lasso shoes will be a great project for my grandgirls, DIY style.

The kits are made in France by people with disabilities. They’re part of KickStarter, a website that helps start-ups get funding. They’ve already successfully reached their goal (and then some!).

So head on over to their KickStarter page to pre-order your Lassos at a discount price by choosing “back this project.” Hurry, pre-ordering at a discount is only available until March 1.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Very fun and such a good cause!! They do look challenging to fit for someone with a long skinny foot and heel like myself. But I love that they are all natural materials !

  2. Tammy says:

    HI MaryJane,

    I love this product idea. My kids would think it’s great to make their own slippers and supporting a small business like this that helps those with unique gifts is awesome!!!!! However…..I have no idea how much do “support” with. I feel a little stupid, but is France still using the Franc or are they with the Euro. And any idea if they even ship to the US. Can’t imagine what that will be. LOL!!!!!


  3. ace says:

    Hi there Tammy,
    No worries! Glad you asked as I am sure others may have the same questions.
    When you visit KickStarter via the link above it will take you to their page with their product. There is a “back this product” option you will click on. Then, it will give you a variety of donation options that vary with the type of “gift” you will receive if they are funded. Lasso has reached their goal and so their project will be backed.

    MaryJane went through the process here and donated £5. This qualified her to receive: 2 Kickstarter Lasso Green Laces + 1 personal handwritten Lasso postcard + her name on their website credit page.

    Once you choose your amount to donate and click “continue to the next step”, on the right-hand side, you will see the general conversion amount, in this case $8. They give a general amount because the value of the dollar vs the currency, whether it be Euros, etc. may change by the time they charge your card.

    If you were to donate to a project that had not been successfully funded yet, your money would be refunded if they do not reach their backer goal by their pledge date.

    Great news! Shipping cost is included in your donation amount. Hope this step-by-step cleared some things up. 🙂 -ace

  4. Ronda Meckley says:

    I work in a nursing home and we have residents that have problems wearing shoes as their feet swell during the days. It would be a great activity for them to make their own slippers. I now have 42 residents, are there any discounts for large quanitites as the residents are on fixed incomes.
    Thanks for a reply,
    Ronda Meckley

    • MaryJane says:

      You could send them an email and ask about group discounts. You’re right. It would be a great project for residents of a nursing home.

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