Escape Fire

The average cost of health care per person, per year, in the U.S. is skyrocketing. But stats show that our health, as a nation, is on a rapid decline.

So, what gives? Watch the new documentary, Escape Fire, The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare.

To watch the full documentary, you can purchase it through iTunes for $17.99 or go to their website here and click on “see the film” for more showing opportunities.

Escape Fire has already won a large number of awards, including Best Documentary (Newport Beach Film Festival), React to Film Social Issue Award (Silverdocs Film Festival), and Human Rights Award (Full Frame Film Festival). It was also nominated at the Sundance Film Festival for the Grand Jury Prize.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Working in a huge academic medical center, I participate in this quest everyday. How do we take care of patients with quality care and still keep our heads above water? How do we balance the need to stay fiscally sound and treat all the uninsured? It is a struggle we live everyday in our little corner of the world. Like every other doctor’s office, hospital, clinic, or healthcare plan, we have to work together, work smarter, find new ways to use technology, and we must have a paradigm shift on how and who gets healthcare in this nation. Other countries have done a much better job of caring for their citizens and we can do the same. But we will have to move past partisan arguments and protecting the wealth of the business of healthcare towards accepting that we are all in this thing together and we all have to participate and give a little. Patients deserver our best efforts and we cannot deliver the care they need if we shutter doctor offices and rural hospitals and clinics. I am counting on America to do better and make this thing called healthcare affordable and available once and for all!!!

  2. Terry Steinmetz says:

    Boy, that’s partly why I won’t go back to work as a nurse. Politics of medicine is not medicine. And why can’t people choose their own type of health care? We are not stupid. I go to a ND (naturopathic doctor) because conventional medicine did not help me at all. I get better care. But the looks & disgust I get from the medical community here angers me. Why are we as a nation so low on the scale of really helping? Ahh… my thoughts get the better of me on this subject.

  3. Karlyne says:

    The statement by Andrew Weill (sp?) that we don’t have “health care” but rather “disease management” is so sadly, sadly true. This looks like an interesting film, to say the least.

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