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How many times have you come home from the farmers’ market or grocery store with a fresh bundle of fragrant herbs only to watch it wilt before you’ve even had a chance to use it?

I know—me too.

Even greens grabbed from my garden will go limp if I don’t snip and season right away.

But I’ve found a little gem that may just flabbergast fresh produce fanatics from here to Farfoodle.

It’s called FreshPaper by Fenugreen.

Cute, right?

And oh so simple.

It’s just an unassuming piece of paper, not unlike a dryer sheet, that keeps fruits and veggies fresh for two to four times longer, organically.


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Can it be true?

FreshPaper creator Kavita Shukla says it can, and it is.

Her produce-preserving paper works its magic simply by dropping it into a fridge drawer or fruit bowl.

But HOW?

FreshPaper is infused with organic spices that inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, and it has a distinctive maple-like scent that signals the paper is active.​​​

Shukla’s ingenious invention was inspired by a visit with her grandmother in India …

well, specifically, by her accidental ingestion of questionable tap water while visiting her grandmother’s house in India.


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Her grandma gave her a mixture of spices that kept her from getting sick, and Shukla, a middle school student at the time, was intrigued.

“I was curious about how and why this magical home remedy might have worked,” she says.

After years of research and development, starting with a school science project, she discovered that her grandmother’s home remedy could be used to keep food fresh.

Shukla has a fascinating story and big plans for the future as Fenugreen works to establish initiatives that benefit local food banks in the U.S. and small-scale farmers in the developing world.


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You can buy packs of biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, and remarkable FreshPaper at Fenugreen’s online store (and shipping is free).

Now, that’s fresh.


  1. Joan says:

    Sounds wonderful will give it a try. Thanks for letting the word out about it.

  2. Terry Steinmetz says:

    That sounds wonderful to me, especially since we live where winter is so-o-o long! I’m going to give this a try real soon. Thanks again for the info!

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