Mother’s Gift Posthumous

Enchanting …

How else would I describe Wonderland?

(I’m not talking about Alice’s old stomping grounds.)

This flight of fancy is all grown up and pours smooth as “dream” from the eyes of That’s the best

Kirsty Mitchell, an English photographer who beckons us into a whole new world of wonder.

When Kirsty’s mom died in 2008, she was devastated. Her mother, an English teacher and brilliant storyteller, had been her lifelong inspiration, weaving stories into the fabric of Kirsty’s soul.

Struggling to find an outlet for her grief, Kirsty began submerging herself in artistic expression.

“Real life became a difficult place to deal with, and I found myself retreating further into an alternative existence through the portal of my camera,” she explains. “This escapism grew into the concept of creating an unexplained storybook without words, dedicated to her [my mother], that would echo the fragments of the fairytales she read to me constantly as a child.”

And Wonderland, a stunning series of photographs like you’ve never seen before, was born.

“All the characters came to me in my dreams,” she says, and it has been thrilling to bring them into reality. “After all, it’s not often you get to stand beside an 8-foot princess in the rain, or witness the dawn with a dancing circus girl on stilts!”

Her magical images are not created in Photoshop, nor are they staged in exotic locations around the globe. They have been captured with her camera in special spots within a short drive of her home in Surrey, England.

After three years, the Wonderland series is nearly complete, and I’m excited to hear there’s a book in the works that will accompany Kirsty’s exhibition.

“I just know that the day I see my mother’s name printed on the inside cover of the Wonderland book, it will feel like I have finally fulfilled my promise to myself and her precious memory,” says Kirsty.

Delve into Kirsty’s online diary to savor behind-the-scenes shots and learn the secrets behind creating each photograph.



  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    What an amazing tribute! Haunting, whimsical, and beautiful wrapped up in one loving story! Thanks for sharing and Happy Mother’s Day Mary Jane!!

  2. Eileen Stone says:

    Thanks for sharing this Mary Jane! This is fantastic & magical!

  3. Karlyne says:


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