Feeling Tipsy Today

I’m in the mood to share some of my favorite tips:

I autograph my books with a permanent felt marker. Oops. Sometimes, I walk away with a marker stain on my hands. I spray the mark with hairspray and then scratch it off with a fingernail. Gone! (Good use for that can of hairspray I’ve had for ten years.)

Next time you bake a cake with raisins and you don’t want them to sink to the bottom, coat them with flour first.

I use an old-fashioned egg slicer to slice mushrooms.

Bad HABIT begone: Pick a habit you’d like to quell by putting the money you spend on it into savings and watch your account grow.

New HABIT that’s dead on: Suzie Orman recently challenged her followers NEVER to give coins to a clerk during a transaction but instead roll the coins once a month and watch your savings grow by investing it. Within a few years, you’ll be richer by the thousands.

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