Glamping Sites to Visit in 2013: Day 7 of 15

Now that you’ve read my book, Glamping with MaryJane, you need to find a fabulous place to get your campin’ glam on.

And so, we’re back for a 7th day of where to glamp in 2013.

While my glamping B&B is on hiatus after eight years (my DIL and indispensable B&B maitre d’, Ashley, and my son, Brian, are having their second child any day now), here is another organic glamping farm to tide you over. Kinnikinnick (I just love saying the word) Feather Down Farm sounds picturesque!

Kinnikinnick Feather Down Farm

Visit this charming organic farm with roots that date back to 1849. Streams and dreams created Kinnikinnick Feather Down Farm, named for the river that runs through it.


Photo courtesy of Kinnikinnick Feather Down Farm

Each tent has a flush toilet, cold running water, and a wood-burning stove for heat and cooking needs. Connect with the family over board games and conversation to the light of candles and oil lamps (no electricity here!).


Photo courtesy of Kinnikinnick Feather Down Farm

Meander among the sights and smells of a working farm and participate in the collecting of eggs, harvesting crops, and/or the feeding of animals. Then snuggle into a cozy bed in your 480-sq-ft, wood-floor tent that sleeps six. (Five adults comfortably, and one child.)


Photo courtesy of Kinnikinnick Feather Down Farm

Appreciate the murmur of chickens nearby, lovingly cared for. Feel their soft tummies as you gently reach for a fresh egg. Low with the cows as you help with the day’s milking. Then, kick up some dirt as you make your way to a tree to rest your back and read a good book.


Photo courtesy of Kinnikinnick Feather Down Farm


Photo courtesy of Kinnikinnick Feather Down Farm


  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Wow, this looks like the perfect family vacation location. I wish I had known if any such place existed when my children were little. They would have loved it. My hubby?? I am not sure, but maybe some arm twisting would have worked. I love the Tent aspect for a unique and quaint retreat. I am in love with the idea of such a get away!

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