Caraboat vs. Sealander

“Salute British ingenuity. Behold, the ubiquitous mobile home, a two-wheel tribute to the British spirit of adaptability, and to the great and growing pastime of messing about—in caravans.”

So begins the video below all about the Caraboat.


Back in the late ’60s, a man named Tom Car dreamed up this little watercraft, which is truly a land caravan (glamper) that doubles as a houseboat. Using a 6 1/2-horsepower motor, this wasn’t exactly a seafaring vessel (think the Perfect Storm for about 10 seconds, then cut to credits), but what a sweet little idea.

The curtains are a nice touch.

I wonder how long it took to get those swans in the shot?

Only 64 of these beauties were made before they stopped production, rather quickly. (Click here for the rumored theory on why the Caraboat went out of production.) This caravan-boat is now highly sought after by collectors.

I saw this retro video and just about died. You’ll love it.

The music is divine.

The quality—fabulously ’60s.

And they even have tea on board.

*Listen for this line:

So yo-ho-ho-ho to you, too!

It’s a doozy.

Now, let me introduce its new and updated cousin, the Sealander. The German-designed Sealander has taken this idea and transformed it into a modern machine.

The two ads themselves are strikingly funny! Maybe in 60 years, someone will be laughing at our “modern” Sealander.

Oh, how times do change.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    How cool is this one??? While the British one had nicer amenities, the new one offers a lot of style and better engineering. My only concern would be if the wind picked up suddenly, would the thing topple? Most likely the Germans had that all worked out. Plus, the Sealander looks to pull with a compact car quite easily. However, I still think I like your new compact Glamper the best , Mary Jane! My husband? He would most likely take to the Sealander.

  2. Barbara Gudgeon re caraboat says:

    We are starting off tomorrow on our Caraboat, we bought it last year and this will be our second trip, It is an old caraboat but we have had a wonderfull time restoring it to its former glory. It is for living on, has plenty of room 2 single beds and a fold out double, beautiful shower, pantry, toilet, kitchen, every thing is wonderfull. Barbara and Joseph.

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