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Intrepid outdoorswomen, gather ’round!

I’d like you to meet …



Photo courtesy of Meetearl.com

That’s right, Earl is a gadget,

not a guy.

(Really—who needs a guy anyway?)

Anyway …

Earl promises to be a remarkably handy fellow to have around. I can imagine when I lived year-round, 30 miles beyond the end of a dirt road, deep in the Idaho wilderness, how handy-dandy getting to know a guy like Earl would have been.

He … okay, it … is a brand spankin’ new off-the-grid gadget that could save your life.

More rugged and durable than any smartphone (and most guys), this little machine boasts:

  • a GPS to give you precise readings of your location, direction, and elevation
  • weather sensors to accurately forecast changing conditions in the most remote locations
  • a transceiver that connects to analog and digital radio frequencies up to 20 miles away
  • a glove-friendly infrared touchscreen with 3D joypad and gyroscope
  • a laminated solar panel that provides up to 20 hours of battery and charges in 5 hours with direct sunlight
  • a water-/dust-/shock-/mud-proof design

Oh, yeah.

Earl just graduated from crowdfunding with flying colors, and it’s gearing up for a full-fledged excursion into the marketplace.

Intrepid as you are, you can be one of the first to get your hands on Earl by pre-ordering (pricing starts at $299, and U.S. shipping is free).

You’ll have Earl in your pack before summer’s end.

Watch out, wilderness, here we come.


Photo by Adam Baker via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Wouldn’t this have been handy when you spent a year out in the wilderness in a Wall Tent back in the day? Pretty amazing gadget for sure! I love it when new ideas get financed with crowdfunding and then move forward.

  2. Karlyne says:

    But does he do the dishes?

  3. CJ Armstrong says:

    And, does he make the bed and chop the firewood!?
    Great idea for a great gadget!

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