Is it true blondes …

are more honest?

When it comes to honesty, how do you fare? And yes, it seems to matter the color of your hair. How do I know this?

Well, ask yourself this question. Would you leave your fare if someone left a bottle of tea for purchase—seemingly unattended?

Honest Tea set out to answer just that question.

What they found was well—honestly surprisingly!

Honest Tea is an organic tea company that has blossomed, since its inception in 1998 with a staff of three, into one of, if not the, largest certified organic and fair trade tea companies on the market.


So if you are having a case of Mean World Syndrome, read on, and feel heartened.

Honest Tea stands were set up in 61 locations in each state across the country, with a clear drop box for cash, and a sign indicating a thirsty passerby may pay $1 for a bottle.

The catch?

A station “attendant” was waiting in the wings marking down who paid—and who didn’t! They took notes on gender, facial hair, hair color, and if they had on glasses, or hats …

Like a streetside game of Guess Who.

The resulting upright citizens (or those who walked briskly away with their nabbed tea) panned out like this:

– The longer your hair, the more honest you are (I’m all over that result plus get this: nationwide blondes were more honest than any other hair color. They were 100% honest in Illinois and Indiana. Honest!!!!)

– People in groups tended to tender their monies less maniacally. (Perhaps peer pressure makes one more honest?)

– Men vs. Women? Sorry guys, but women were honest 95% of the time, while men rang in at 91%.

– Alabama and Hawaii were the two most honest states, scoring a perfect 100%!

Here are more fun facts from the (informal) study:



  1. Elizabeth says:

    Could be a good Sociology class experiment. Sometimes nature provides these little tests & sometimes, not. A few years ago, while I was sitting outside one lovely day, I watched as several passers-by came upon a bicycle laying on the sidewalk. Each & every individual that came across that bicycle picked it upright & tried to pedal away; it was only then that the individual realized that the bicycle was broken & could not ride away with their new…find.

    Most of the passers-by would then lay the bicycle down; wrench their head around to see if anyone spotted them & then walk away. One person threw the bicycle down violently after realizing it was inoperable & strutted away defiantly. This was not my experiment & from the distance where I sat I too expected the first one to ride away with the bike. The only variable I can share is that they all appeared to be teenagers?

    To this day, I still don’t know if the bicycle was disabled & left there as an experiment or if it was truly broken.

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Well, being a blonde, I am so happy that we got the recognition we soooo deserve!!! Hahahaha! Honest Tea is one of my very favorites . Their caffeine free flavors are so delicious to me. I love the story of their business as well. You know, it seems that the best products and companies start with the stories of honest efforts and humble beginnings. Maybe people sense that about these products and that brings out their better side when it comes to being responsible? I am delighted to know that blondes led the way!!

  3. Laurie Dimno says:

    Very interesting indeed! And the story makes me proud to be a long haired blonde to boot! Lol
    Thanks for sharing the fun facts!

  4. Darlene Ricotta says:

    That was an interesting bit of information.

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