While we’re on the subject of board games

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Classic Monopoly fans may—or may not—enjoy this twist on tradition:


Photo courtesy of Big Hope via Co.Exist

That’s right: Commonopoly.

While countless Monopoly spin-offs have flooded the market in recent years, none is quite like this one.

Not only is it basically a DIY game (check out playing instructions on the Big Hope website), but it also scraps the whole notion of monopolization altogether.

But, wasn’t that the point?

Not anymore.

“Commonopoly demands that players brainstorm alternative economic systems through activities placed around the board,” explains Sydney Brownstone of Co.Exist. “The players move counter clockwise, as per the instructions, and subsequent creative acts are to be documented in booklets later distributed to the public. Much of the game focuses on coming up with ideas for public spaces, as well as sharing home remedies for common ailments.”

Bringing social consciousness into a game built on power play?

I’m game!





  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I like this idea! So 21st Century oriented and a great way to get people thinking about today’s issues and challenges. Oh the long hot summer hours in basements where Monopoly reigned as a #1 favorite! I always wanted the little iron! What was your favorite?

  2. The little battleship- Im a Navy brat and although my father was a naval pilot, the little battleship was as close as I could get to him.

    By the way, some friends got a version in Italian with Rome as the city, not Atlantic City. Since I was the only one who knew any latin and some Italian , I got to do the translating. We spent an entire summer learning Italian from that game.

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