Creative Sayings

Have you seen this list buzzing around on the Web?

Image courtesy of Steampunk's Facebook Page

Image courtesy of Steampunk’s Facebook Page

The ideas are simple and straightforward, but it’s refreshing to check in once in a while to see which ones you’re engaging in—and to try a new one now and then.

You know, to keep things fresh.

I recently heard a saying that could well be added to this list:

Perfect is the enemy of done.

Whenever I find myself nitpicking at details too obsessively, I plan to remind myself of that one.

How about you?

What simple tasks or sayings fuel your creative efforts?

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Be patient with yourself and others.
    If it is not working out, put it down, and take a second look tomorrow. ( My Mom’s wisdom for teaching impatient me how to sew!!)
    Everything doesn’t have to happen now!
    All good things are worth working for.
    Always smile at others and say hello. The world turns better with a little kindness.

    These little reminders for better and fuller living are fun to contemplate and list. The hard part is doing them in the heat of the moment when you have an impatient streak like me! Ha!!

  2. Terry Steinmetz says:

    “Have no regrets.” I use this one a lot. If I’m wondering about whether or not to do something that I might enjoy, or want to see or just do, I ask myself “if I don’t do this or if I do do this will I have no regrets?” I find this helps me get my priorities straight. Life is too short & I want to always say, I have NO regrets!”

  3. I do quite a few of these already. I think the hardest ones are ” quit beating yourself up” and ” don’t give up”. Both are hard when you aren’t seeing any results from your efforts. But every night before bed, I visualize the life I’m trying to create with my creativity. So I think another important item is “visualize success”.

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