She got around.

They say a photo speaks a thousand words …

Lady Norman's Scooter

Public domain photo courtesy of Goodreads


Enough said?

Well, alright, I’ll add a tidbit of explanation, as given by one G.D. Falksen on Goodreads: “Lady Florence Norman, a suffragette, on her motor-scooter in 1916, travelling to work at offices in London where she was a supervisor. The scooter was a birthday present from her husband, the journalist and Liberal politician Sir Henry Norman.”


  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    This photo is really amazing. To have been an owner of such a device in 1916 must have been quite the luxury as well as the talk of the town. The suffragettes were fearless in a time that was deep in the throes of WWI.

  2. Dolly Sarrio says:

    She was something for her time! A Supervisor among other things. She was jet setter and a role model it seems..Thanks for sharing this.

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