Vote for Your Favorite Cover of the Next Issue of MaryJanesFarm

Lend us a hand by voting on your favorite cover for the April/May 2014 issue of MaryJanesFarm!

Option #1:


Option #2:


Leave your vote in the comments. Thanks!!!!!


  1. Karlyne says:

    Picnic basket and cake plates all the way! (the second one)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Number 1

  3. Yolanda Solferino says:

    Number 2

  4. Christina D #5572 says:

    I vote for Option #2 there’s so much more detail

  5. Sharon says:

    #2, for sure. More interesting than just the beautiful flowers.

  6. Terry Steinmetz says:

    My vote is for number 2

  7. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Number 2.

  8. Andrea says:

    Option #2

  9. Absolutely # 2. It has the lovely vintage picnic basket, little plates and lacey napkins and actual utensils that are not plastic! So much more MJ than the plain flower pic, which could be on any given gardening magazine in spring.

  10. Connie-Killarney says:


  11. Kristi says:

    #2 because it’s easier to read. Both options are beautiful!

  12. Thayes Hower says:

    Number 1: The brightness of the flowers grabbed my attention right away. Number 2 is pretty, but I would probably walk by it without noticing if I wasn’t looking for it.

  13. Deborah McKissic says:

    Number two is so nice..makes me want to go on a picnic! Number one is nice..but it makes me think I need to work in my garden, ha ha ha I should have planted more daffodils last fall…..I vote for number two…can’t wait to get my copy and read it cover to cover..whichever one that might be!

  14. Pamela Caldwell says:

    I like the one that is only partially the daffodils. I think it makes it MaryJane instead of a garden-seed catelogue.

  15. Pamela Criswell says:

    Love the Warm feeling of being outside.

  16. Nan Roberts says:

    I pick #2. The first cover’s flowers are pretty, but too busy, and the words both interfere with seeing the flowers and are hard to read themselves. Number 2 is more legible, not just the words but the images. It’s a much better design. Also, because the picture has depth, one goes into the picture, looks at everything in it, including the words. The Number one picture of flowers would be great inside as just a full page picture, because it is beautiful.

  17. Mary Beth Schwarz says:

    Option #2, but both are lovely! MB

  18. Cathy R says:

    Like them both! But will go with #2 ~ take the flowers on a picnic!

  19. Kris says:

    They are both lovely, but I am going with #2. It tells more of a story and it draws you in, which you want a cover to do. Also, it is more representative of what the magazine is all about!

  20. Deena Heath says:

    #2 is very Mary Jane-ish! And I can’t wait to go on a picnic!

  21. Lori Dahlman says:

    I LOVE them both! Option 1 is beautiful. I see option #2 as the cover. It is more fitting to your magazine! Which I also LOVE! <3

  22. Elizabeth Maden says:

    Option 2

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Both are very pretty, but I vote for number 2

  24. Nancy Todd says:

    Option 2

  25. Linda says:

    #2 but both are really pretty!

  26. Beth says:

    Picnic Basket with flowers!

  27. Kristine says:

    Option #2…love them both though

  28. Sylvia jayne says:

    Option 1

  29. Emily Hotchkin says:


  30. Kay says:

    Number 2 definitely !!

  31. winnie says:

    winnie says number 2

  32. Kim says:

    Cover #2, because it looks like an event – a picnic – rather than the first one, which looks like just a gardening magazine.

  33. #2 for sure. There’s more to study and more stories to be told within the picture

  34. Chrissy says:

    I like #2. When words and pictures are the same color values, my eyes have trouble picking out the words. Besides, the idea of a spring picnic is nice after wanting to hibernate all winter due to the arctic blasts:)

  35. Rebecca Tayor says:

    I vote No.1. The light on the flowers looks beautiful!

  36. Phyllis says:

    I vote for #2.

  37. Tena Anderson says:

    I love #2!!!

  38. JustB says:

    Option 2 for me please : )

  39. Cynthia Weaver says:

    I vote for number one. The close up of the daffodils is spectacular.

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