All in a day’s …

… work. Guess what I was doing yesterday morning at 4 am?

Wake up sleepy head Rose Etta.

Rosetta1 Today is your debut. Welcome to planet earth!

rosetta2 My milk cow Maizy was due Feb. 26, so starting a week ago, I began checking in on her night and day every 3-4 hours. Rose Etta weighed in at 56 pounds and there were no complications during delivery—always a relief. Every thing about her is udderly perfect and momma Maizy always does such a good job delivering her babies. I was sooooo hoping for a girl!

rosetta3 I spent the morning with both of them, cleaning and washing up after the birth and getting Maizy milked for the first time in a couple of months. Once all my dairy chores were done, I headed to our design studio to finalize my next fabric collection, work on our MaryJanesFarm Sister Issue, finalize the front cover of our next magazine, work with Gabe on our new website and Facebook page, and mess around with some burlap décor ideas for the next issue of my magazine.

fabric Oh, and also work with Brian on a new mud room we’re finishing. The idea with our mud room is to convert our farm facility into a boot-free zone. And because we all have such awesome footwear, it seemed only fitting that our daily line-up of boots show up in a properly decked out zone. Our two bootjacks are gonna get a workout. I know I’ll be taking my boots on and off several times a day but you know what? Mopping up all the manure we track across our floors is far more work.


  1. Deborah A Lawrence says:

    Beautiful room

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Rose Etta, what a perfect name for a perfect girl! So glad she arrived safely and is off to a solid start. I am excited about all of the projects you are working on and cannot wait to see the end products. Your mudroom is a great solution to the ongoing issue of barn to home challenge. It is looking like your solution is going to be a dream come true. Give us a final post when it is done so we can see. My guess is that more babies are due, mud season is about to happen with snow melting, and mucky boots are going to need a home base!

  3. Oh what a sweet baby Rose Etta is indeed! So happy for mama Maisy and that everything went without a hitch. If there are problems and you have to ” go in” and turn the calf around or help pull her out, the contractions are so hard they can actually break your arm . I know, from experience, luckily not my arm. So, is baby Rose Etta a regular sized Jersey or a miniature? Too adorable for words ! Baby calf jerseys look just like fawns and this photo shows that perfectly ! Happy birthday “deer” Rose Etta.

  4. Karlyne says:

    I’m not sure which is prettier, Rose Etta or the Mud Room!

  5. Sylvia Jacobus says:

    She’s a beautiful, sweet little critter. Such gorgeous eyes….

  6. Terry Steinmetz says:

    My first comment on seeing Rose Etta was “awww.”

  7. Jerry Pye says:

    Look at those eyelashes!! She is beautiful!

  8. CJ Armstrong says:

    Beautiful baby!!!
    And, I love the room . . . looking good!

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