Here’s momma Maizy (4+ years) and her daughter Etta Jane (2+ years). Lots of cuddles and tongue lovin’ all day long. I call it cowpassion. I once tried keeping a cow-unity “licking” journal (Jane Goodall style) on all 13 of my bovine buddies, but their licking and interactions are so involved and subject to dramatic changes on any given day, I soon gave up. Who licks who is a series of complexities only they understand. Sort of like office politics or small town living. Maybe there’s a bit of gossip happenin’ here in this photo? My mother-in-law once joked, “If what you have to say about someone isn’t nice … come sit by me.”

cow_love-6876 Here’s Etta Jane (2+ years) with her only calf so far, Eliza Belle (8 months). Etta Jane is three months along with another calf. Jerseys often darken in the winter, only to turn fawn-colored again in the spring when they lose their winter coats.

cow_love-6644 And here’s Maizy with her latest addition (third calf—second calf was a boy, Otis), Rose Etta (two weeks old).

cow_love-6958 Lots of daily grooming and stimulation. Speaking of saliva baths, I remember my mother getting all five of us kids loaded into the car to go somewhere and discovering a spot on someone’s face. She’d put a bit of her hankie into her mouth, wet it, and then rub the spot off. Anyone else’s mother do that?


  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I’m in love with your cows! This last photo is just the all time best!

  2. Paula K says:

    Oh, goodness, yes! My two little brothers hated it! They called it the “spit bath!” I, of course, loved to see them squirm!

  3. That would be way back when your mother carried an actual cloth hankie. And yes, we all got cleaned up with spit on occasion, although someone else’s mother’s spit wasn’t so nice. Love the wonderful photos of your dear cows and their much loved calves. Rose Etta is especially sweet looking, I could just kiss her, oh right , her mama is doing that all day!

  4. Karlyne says:

    Just the threat of the dreaded spit wash was enough to keep us reasonably clean!

  5. Rebecca Taylor says:

    They are all so cute!
    And ya my mom still does that and now I do it sometimes when I babysit, but I usually have them lick the napkin that way we don’t spread germs. 🙂

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