1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Is it mud season on the way to the barn now?

  2. What kind of bird is this? A falcon, hawk, goshawk or what? Just love birds of prey. We have many here on my mountain farmette. Lots of woods and meadow with tons of voles, mice, etc for them to catch.

    • MaryJane says:

      Might be a red-tail hawk. I’ll need to check the color version of this.

      • A red tailed hawk was my first guess as they are less shy of civilization. I had the rather large ( wingspan up to 5 ft+ ) Cooper’s hawks at my last place. These usually shy and quite wild birds came into town to prey on birdfeeders . They are very handsome and very smart like all birds of prey. I know , it’s kinda sad but they are opportunists. Mother Nature takes care of all her children.

        • MaryJane says:

          And I have some fun little flash-from-the-past dancing bumblebees, dearest dear Lisa! And, and, AND an awesome bumblebee eraser, chicken hankie, and wrapping paper from Nepal, and news that I was unaware of. Love the school chicken project and feeding the honeybees but bumblebees getting sick too!!!??? I didn’t know that bumbles are hurting even more than honeybees and their numbers are also in significant decline. Now what?

          • SO, glad you liked the dancing bees! Weren’t they honey bees, they were sposed to be (bee?) . When I was a kid I got so adept at thumb toys like those bees that I could really make them dance, like the jitterbug ( get it?) and the “black bottom rag”, the “bumblebee rumba” and so forth. Thought some fun would bring cheer to your ” mud season”. Glad the articles, all from our local paper ” Lancaster Farming”, were of interest.
            And couldn’t resist sending you that chicken/rooster hanky. Happy Spring MaryJane ! We will all have to look into the bumblebee problems more.

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