Meet Myrtle

This post is for Winnie. (Ha, I accidently typed in Winner!) So, Winner Winnie, here’s Myrtle, the girl wearing the bling light in Sunday’s post, as well as today’s photo-of-the-day. This is a truck I used to drive, but now that I’ve turned her into a hay shed (wonderful in her hayday), she’s been officially put out to pasture.

Here she is getting her new roof framed up.


And now she’s getting covered in reused metal siding from our old barn.


A true Jersey girl!


P.S. Winnie, the yellow flower was the bloom on a kale plant in my greenhouse.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Look at Myrtle all fixed up with a new “Doo” and everything! She is quite stately in her new role of retirement. All us retired girls need a new gig and a few MakeOvers(in the tradition of BakeOvers and ChillOvers!!) Mary jane style. Does she still drive so that you can move the hay barn around depending on where the gang is grazing? And, I love her new bumper sticker!

    P.S. Well, I was close about the yellow flower. Come to think of it, kale doesn’t bolt does it? Mine hasn’t shown any sign of bolting this winter but my broccoli surely has when I had some planted. The last of my butter crunch was picked yesterday, my kale has maybe one more cutting, but the green beans are up and perky. The current soaking rain is going to make them all very happy!

  2. CJ Armstrong says:

    Love the “makeover”!

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