Guerilla Gardener

If you weren’t planning on planting a garden this spring, I suspect that hearing Ron Finley’s story will inspire you to not only plant one, but to sneak seeds into every sliver of barren soil you see.

After you watch this video, Ron will be on your list of AMAZING people/super heroes.

  1. Saw this TED talk a while back and it was inspiring then and it still brings tears to my eyes. This man has a vision and he made it happen in spades. I love the line : ” growing your own food is like printing your own money “. Kudos to him and all his guerilla army of volunteers !

  2. calle says:

    Our teen is planning an Entrepreneurial effort in this direction. All natural, all good and all plants.
    Designing a card, burlap bags and away he goes.
    Food is money but so much more.
    Started some seeds last night.
    Bless all the gardens Lord.

  3. Deborah Mcissic says:

    What a wonderful video! What a vision! Lisa, “toMAHto” woman..did you hear how many “toMAHtoes” you could plant in that area of Los Angeles? Need help? In my neighborhood we all have yards that are acres..yet, only a few of us plant them…I grow with my grandkids..and, they know where their food comes from…think of all the kids that do not…drive through garden snacks? How great is that idea? In my neighborhood where we could all plant..and few do..I share my bounty and think to myself..”you can do this to”! Why do we hesitate? Is it the work..I love the “meet me in the garden with your shovel”! comment..I feel I need to use that line..when I offer green beans my neighbors want them picked…geez…should I also wash them? hmm….what happened with victory gardens I think will return..when people realize, like stated in this video…where is your food coming from? what’s in it? The dialysis clinics popping up true..and sad..we have the means to change all this and this man is off to a great start….cheers to him and his hard work..I would take up my shovel and follow him and dig, plant, and weed and be proud!! I loved his shovel! I have a “hers” shovel from green heron tools..and, it says “hers” right on it..yep…mine, I mean “hers”, but, mine….ha, ha..

    • MaryJane says:

      When he said “a child who grows kale, eats kale” that rang true with me. I see that in my grandkids.

      • Karlyne says:

        I even have a kidlet running around here who eats sage! Fuzzy, tough sage! Because she sees it growing. And she’s an odd duck…

  4. Karlyne says:

    I rarely watch videos; they make me sit down too long and I feel “trapped” by having to listen to them. But, trusting you all, I did watch this one, and I, too, say, “Hooray!” It’s inspiring to see someone who is invested in his neighborhood and who is actually doing something simple and wonderful to improve it.

  5. CJ Armstrong says:

    Hopefully others will catch the “bug” and get America back to growing and eating GOOD food!

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