Nope, that’s not a roadrunner misprint.

It really is “geep.”

“Geep” is what farmer Paddy Murphy in Ireland is calling a notable new baby on his farm …

geep copy

Photo: Snapshot/YouTube courtesy of

The little tyke is not merely a sheep, like his mama.

Nor is he a goat, as his dad is reputed to be.

He has become known, therefore, as a geep.

“He has been a great source of craic (gossip) for the lads in the pub,” Murphy told the Irish Farmers Journal last week. “We might even have a competition to name him.”

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Wow, this story is quite interesting! That crossbreed Geep is so cute and it is curious to see how he is built sort of like a lamb and a goat. I hope they keep him for a pet since he is very special. That irish farm has the bucolic look about it when I imagine what such a farm would look like. So green but yet cool weather prevails. It all looks so lush for grazing too.

  2. Honestly, as the former wife of a veterinarian I didn’t think this was possible, not without genetic tinkering like an embryo transplant ! But here the little darling is , in rural Ireland ! All done in Mother Nature’s way. Definitely goat-like too. Hope they come up with a wonderful poetic Irish name for him. And here’s hoping he gets a good home as this farmer just seems befuddled by him, and doesn’t seem to appreciate how wonderful the little guy is.

  3. Janice Budge says:

    Is the geep capable of reproduction?

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