When Glamping …

We loaded our campers and headed out—two weekends in a row. We always look forward to good eats around the campfire.

Photo Aug 08, 10 28 31 AM

Add a pile of meat or maybe some salmon, a mound of veggies, plenty of butter, salt, and pepper, and wrap it all up in double foil.

Photo Aug 08, 10 13 28 AM

Ahhh, the sound of sizzling goodness.

Photo Aug 08, 9 17 40 PM

We don’t have pictures of us enjoying our Hobo Dinners because it was too dark for photos, but perfect for a night around the campfire.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    These dinners in a packet remind me of Girl Scout camp where we would make the same thing on our overnight campouts. They are always so tasty and the easy clean-up is an added bonus! Thanks for reminding me of these great memories.

  2. Terry Steinmetz says:

    WoW! It looks like the same food we girls made on our Pack-n-Trail week. I go with a group of girls & a leader or two from the Bible camp I volunteer for, for whole week of glamping, with horses, & plain tenting–no amenities, either. It is great fun. We cook all the meals over an open fire that I keep going all day while they go horseback riding on the trails. It just ended on Sunday & I have great memories! We ate really well again!

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