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In the midst of what seems like almost-daily bad news, I was recently touched to hear a feel-good story about a dog who rides public transit in Seattle all by herself in order get to the dog park. It appears that the 2-year-old black Labrador mix named Eclipse has become a regular fixture on the D-line. The bus stop is right in front of her house, and if her owner is not quite ready to go, she jumps on board alone and meets him later at the dog park. Regular riders say that she sits quietly in her seat and watches out the window for her stop, and transit authorities say they are happy that Eclipse can appreciate public transit, although she really should be on a leash. This whole idea made me giggle.

Photo Jan 04, 2 06 51 PM

Does the age-old phrase “country pup vs. city pup” still hold true?? Haha. Our golden retriever wouldn’t know what to do with public transit, but he’ll happily hop right up into the bed of a pickup. Hmmm, maybe he could fake it like I do when I make a trip to the city?

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    We found this story with a video on the internet and it was just the cutest and sweetest story ever! And what a joy Eclipse gave people on that line when he hopped on by himself. There is something so disarming and positive about friendly dogs that just puts a happy smile on your face and brightens your day. Animals give us such joy just being themselves with no strings attached. Well, except for some pets and scritches behind the ears@!

  2. Cindi Johnson says:

    I love the picture of your dog! Dog plus snow equals great fun and those ears are poised for a lot of it. There was a little girl in our neighborhood about 5 years old that would often take her big retriever for a walk around the block. Such a big old dog ~ reminded me of Nana from Peter Pan ~ Such a tiny little girl walking in the lead, swinging her arms around as children do when they play and walk at the same time; and her dedicated guardian slowly following, carrying his own leash in his mouth so it wouldn’t drag. It was a picture worth a thousand smiles.

  3. CJ Armstrong says:

    Love that story! My country dog, Bramble, wouldn’t go anywhere with me and she goes just about everywhere I do. She’s a great traveler and very well behaved. She’s a wonderful traveling companion! She even made that Glamping Road Trip with Robin and me in 2013 when we went to Washington and Idaho, glamping along the way . . . meeting up with you and your mom in Coeur d’Alene. And, I cannot STAND leaving her behind! Oh, the look on her face is awful!

  4. What a cute story! Yes, animals do adapt, but are such creatures of habit. When I first got my property out of town, my cat about had a heart attack(not really!), the first time she encountered a deer outside and it snorted at her! Now she gets almost nose-to-nose with them and the moose!!

  5. Kathleen says:

    This is a beautiful story. I love animals so much. I rescued a Bijon frechei,(Sp), and a Schitzu, who were raised together, who came from Hawaii. Can you imagine the ordeal they went through. Flying on the airplane and traveling with their original owners to SD. Only to have the Mrs. turn them over to a Vet office. It was because after they got here, her husband died. She was going to give them to a shelter.
    The Vets office said ,”lets foster them out”. While those two were fostered to a women and her husband
    My husband who is a mail carrier was asked by the women if he could help find a home for both to be together always. Guess what, It was me who did. The female is named “Anela and the male is named Kiquau”. Each name given to them is name from the big Island of Hawaii. You can look it up on internet.
    They have been an added joy to our family. Kiquau love his squeaky he came here with. And Anela is quiet and reserved. I now have 6 dogs, four of which I rescued. So as you can see, I love animals. KMD

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