New York City Adventures

Just before the holidays, Mom and I snuck off to the big city for a couple of meetings and some Mom/Daughter time. The city was bustling as usual, but the holiday cheer was an experience in its own.

Photo Dec 12, 3 33 25 PM

And somehow the nighttime was even more spectacular than usual. I’d never seen a tree as large as the glistening Rockefeller tree (this year’s tree was an 85-foot Norway spruce from Hemlock Township, Pennsylvania).

Photo Dec 11, 3 05 31 PM

We spent two hours in Macy’s “shopping,” but are such country bumpkins that we didn’t buy a thing.

Photo Dec 11, 2 55 04 PM

The Empire State Building is a marvel at night. And I took one silly selfie during the daytime. Only because I decided we needed a poinsettia for our hotel room, and as I walked back to the room, it began to snow on me and my mini poinsettia. Happiness.

Photo Dec 10, 12 45 56 PM

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Visiting New York City during the holidays has been on my to do list for awhile. The pictures of Rockefeller Plaza are my favorite with the huge tree and ice skating rink. I am glad you two had a little time for some Big Apple festivities this year. I bet it was fun!

  2. Nothing is more wonderful than New York City at Christmas time. I lived there for 5 years as a bachelorette in my younger years. Loved to go to Rockefeller Center and watch the skaters there. We would always go to the tree lighting ceremony where all and sundry would break out in spontaneous Christmas carols- happy memories indeed.

  3. connie-killarney says:

    Thanks for sharing!! It is a shame that Macy’s does not cater to us Farmgirls! LOL!! I love to visit NYC! it is exciting! I have family right outside the city, but I would never want to live there!

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