Be bold, girl!

When you boldly show your spirit,


Image courtesy of Muffet via Wikimedia Commons

follow your heart,


Image courtesy of the Imperial War Museum via Wikimedia Commons

speak your mind,


and shoot for the stars,


Image courtesy of SMU Central University Libraries via Wikimedia Commons

You, my friend, are a hoyden.

That’s a good thing—a great thing—to be.

A hoyden (HOID-n) is a boisterous, bold, and carefree girl who might also be called a tomboy, or a spirited … farmgirl.


Image courtesy of the Imperial War Museum via Wikimedia Commons

The world is yours to have, girlfren. Go wherever your heart leads you.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    The second and last photos look like women who were in the Women’s Land Army because their uniform in WWI often comprised a jodhpur style pant, a shirt with tie, and boots. In tiny print, it says the photo credits were from the Imperial War Museum. I like to think that if I had lived back then, I would have volunteered to serve somehow in the Women’s Land Army. In this book I have on the WLA, it talks about how the women leading the Suffragette movement toned down their drive for women’s right to vote into pushing the all male Federal Government into allowing women to do men’s work here at home. There was a desperate need to fill those jobs held by men gone to war. Both voting and serving their country became a reality all because the “Girlfrens” refused to take no for an answer and banded together and pushed our nation forward. They are all heros to me!

  2. oh yeah, that’s me, a hoyden ! glad there is a name for it.

  3. Terry Steinmetz says:

    Oh, yes, I’m a hoyden and proud of it!

  4. Karen(old cowgirl) Montoya says:

    This “old cowgirl” is a Hoyden. Young, old, Tomboy or Farm girl, Ranch girl. We are ALL sisters. We do what is needed. If it meant putting up with all the tomfoolery that the men who did not go into the War’s, gave all the women, then that is what us Hoyden’s did. Some who’s husbands did not make it back were forced out of the job’s as they wanted to give the job’s back to the men. Some of the women had no where to go to raise there families. So sad. I am so very proud of what they did. They set an example for all of us. I thank them for all they did.

  5. Bonnie Ellis says:

    Women have always had to be strong. Often times the men were gone for one reason or another and they had to do all the work. They are Mary Jane strong, like you have encouraged us to be. I too am a hoyden. Big time. Yea!

  6. Denise R says:

    Great post. Sounds like me. I’ll have to tell the girls at work tomorrow that I’m a hoyden

  7. Nancy Coughlin says:

    Hoyden! Love it! Have enjoyed reading about the Women’s Land Army. BBC did a great series on them, too. Wish all of our young girls were encouraged to become hoydens and take it with them throughout their lives.

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