Tree Down

I’m remodeling …

my farm.

I’ve learned to avoid deadlines whenever possible, so I’m remodeling my farm for …

however long it takes. I must say, re-doing my B&B is a kick in the pants. I’m lovin’ that part. I didn’t love all the digging associated with new underground sewer/water/electricity. Mud mounds abound-ed!! One of the changes I had to make that was a tad sad was a 120-year-old pine tree that was rotten in the center and needed to go.












The end result? Lots of firewood.

  1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I see my favorite little store/turned house garage in the background in one of the photos! Big trees feel like friends and it is so sad to have to lose one. Like us, aging steals their vigor and strength and they begin to lean and struggle. Still, it is hard to see the tree removed. Hopefully, in it’s place can be planted something new that will, in 100 years, be as tall and lovely as this tree had been. I am thinking there truly will be some great warm fires over at the outdoor kitchen near sewing room cabin:D Perfect for lots of hobo dinners, s’mores, and Apple Pie Sunday gatherings in the crisp Fall air!

  2. Karlyne says:

    It’s always sad to see a tree go, but I’m sure you’ve planted one or two (in better places?) to replace your downed giant!

  3. Kristi Wildung says:

    I was sad to see it go, but now I actually like it better 🙂

  4. CJ Armstrong says:

    It is sad when a lovely tree has to go! But, like Winnie says, perhaps lots of firewood for the “Plum Pit” fires!

  5. Dolly says:

    I know you are sad about the tree. 120 years old what a life. If only the trees could talk.

  6. bonnie ellis says:

    So sorry The tree had to go. Could you use the top as a Christmas tree this year? Everything has a cycle. We have a 60 foot beautiful gingko tree that must come down because of the stinky seeds it produces in the fall and everything smells awful. I will cry when that tree comes down.

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