Zentangle Quilting

With a brand-spankin’ New Year upon us, it’s the perfect time to explore new creative frontiers while honoring artistic traditions that have led us this far.

What do I have in mind, you wonder?

Well, you may remember how I told you about Zentangle, the addictive art of zany (yet so very Zen) doodling.

Image by Trinity Verlag in der Scorpio Verlag GmbH & Co.KG via Wikimedia Commons

(If this doesn’t ring a bell, hop over to this post.)

True to form, each time I swirl and squiggle lines on paper, I find myself fantasizing about fabric, which inspired me to poke around a bit into the idea of Zentangle quilting, and wouldn’t you know it?

It’s a real thing.

And it’s just as neat-o as I’d imagined.

Just look at Quilt Zentangle Style! on Pinterest (warning: you might start drooling).

Since I have a feeling you’re already itchin’ to start stitchin’, I gathered up this little list of goodies to get you going:

Book: Tangle Stitches: For Quilters and Fabric Artists by Jane Monk

You can buy it on Amazon, but you can’t “look inside” like you can on many other books. Here’s a video flip-through to preview the wonders within:

Video Tutorial: Zentangle Quilting by Machine

Blog Tutorial:
Zentangle Quilt Tutorial from Zany Quilter

Share your results on the Farmgirl Connection to inspire the rest of us!

  1. Lisa A says:

    I’ve admired this too, MaryJane, but haven’t tried it yet. Someday.

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    For an experienced quilter, a Zen tangle quilt would be a work of art. It would be fun to design all of the colors and shapes into such a unique and personalized project.

  3. Deb says:

    How Interestjing, a true work of art when finished. I love the vibrant colors!

  4. Darlene Ricotta says:

    Zentangling is a lot of fun, I have done some on cards, and made little plaques, and am working on one for Valentines day, It is a lot of fun and so many ways to use it. Quilting with it would really be pretty. and the color possibilities, what an awesome idea.

    Thanks, I will have to try it sometime.


  5. Darlene Ricotta says:

    What a treasure in that phone message, I bet you did have a Happy Birthday after hearing that one.

    Happy Birthday late.


  6. wow, and I have trouble with squares, this may be beyond my abilities, but way way cool indeed!

  7. Krista says:

    How fun is this?! These zentangle quilts are very intriguing. I love in the video how she colors the patterns to make them darker. The boldness in the pattern makes it that much more appealing. I would love to make a zentangle quilt with the colors black and turquoise. I’ll be adding this to my list of things to do.

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