GIVEAWAY: “Liberty Quilt, Fresh Egg Overture”

For a chance to win this beautiful MaryJane’s Home “Liberty Quilt,” tell me your favorite place to take a nap in the comments below. I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-July.


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  1. Kelley says:

    My favorite place to take a nap… I have two answers. One from life Before Kids, and one after. Before I had kids I loved napping on a sun warmed rock in the middle of a flowing stream, taking a break from fly-fishing or hiking or backpacking. After kids, to be honest, any nap I could get in was much treasured. But those sweetest of early days, with a sleeping babe on my chest in my arms, in the warm sun patch on the floor or rocking chair, through a window in winter or outside in a hammock in summer, are absolutely my most cherished memories of motherhood.

  2. Brenda Lord says:

    Love taking nap in my favorite leather recliner

  3. Jaclyn Heistand says:

    My favorite place to nap is on top of the made bed, with my favorite quilt, snuggled with my cat.

  4. Patty Coffey says:

    On my bed, covered with a blanket. No matter what the temperature I have to have something over me, I guess it’s the adult version of a security blanket : )

  5. Jean Mowery says:

    My favorite place to take a nap is on our bed, on top of the down comforter. It’s squishy and soft, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

  6. Annette Brush says:

    My favorite place to take a nap is on my deck swing listening to the creek below trickle through the land on a summer afternoon. I can see our bird feeders from the spot and just relax watching goldfinches and chickadees as they gather to eat and be social.

  7. Kelly West says:

    I work 24 hour shifts, so napping is a necessity. At home I try to nap on the sofa, so I don’t sleep long. More chances to get woke up. I don’t want to miss out on the day things and sleep the day away.

  8. Vicki Peterson says:

    I don’t get a nap very often but when I do it’s in y husbands recliner. I do like the windows open so I can hear the birds sing and chickens clucking and scratching the dirt..

  9. Kyra Pacer says:

    With a great quilt at home

  10. Anne Radesi says:

    My fav place to nap would be on top of my bed with my Shih-tzu Oakley..and if I am lucky enough, with a grandchild to snuggle with.

  11. Liz Clark says:

    I’m not typically a napper but I do love to sit on my front porch in the sunshine in my Grandma’s rocker. It’s at least 100 years old. My grandma was 97 when she passed and that was 30+ years ago.

  12. Pamela Craig says:

    I’m a suburban woman who longs to be a farm girl! I find myself cozying up on my back patio, sitting in a cushioned chaise, listening to the buzz of steady traffic off in the distance. I pick up my latest copy of Mary Janes Farm and as the pages unfold, I can almost hear the subtle swish of the grasses in the fields and the creaking brackets on the gate to the garden…for a moment, I’m transported from a world burdened by asphalt and noise to one of graveled paths and the hum of farm life…then I nap!

  13. Nancy says:

    My couch on Sunday afternoon = nap habits

  14. My favorite place to nap is the comfy single bed in the living room.

  15. Jennifer Brannon says:

    I love to take a nap at the family cabin, nestled amongst pine trees, with the sound of birds chirping in the background!

  16. Sandy Kline says:

    If I wake up early in the morning on the weekends, I’m known to open up all of the screen doors in our sunroom and snuggle up on the couch. There nothing like having a fresh breeze blowing over you, hearing the birds wake up and seeing deer and turkey cross in the yard.

  17. Dianne Lihan says:

    In my sewing room/guest room. It’s my son’s childhood bedroom, but he’s studying in Portland, Oregon now, so I’ve turned half of his room into my little creative sanctuary. Occasionally, I’ll sit propped on the bed to read and invariably, I’m catnapping (literally, with our little rescue cat sleeping on my lap. So cozy!

  18. Linda Coleman says:

    Out on the porch if possible. We have lots of birds to listen to; plus watching “our squirrel families” racing through the trees and chattering/scolding one another. It’s like they are in a perpetual game of tag. Otherwise in rocker/recliner chair, preferably by a window.

  19. Lisa B says:

    My favorite place to take a nap is in a rocking chair on my front porch with my favorite cat Charlie in my lap. The combination of a warm breeze and the birds chirping put me right to sleep. That Liberty quilt is so beautiful! Thank You for such a generous giveaway!

  20. Rachel Salm says:

    My favorite place to nap is at my new country home out on the screened in porch. With the gentle breeze and the sunshine just peaking through the trees along with birds chanting softly. This is a spot that I never want to leave.

  21. Brigitte Gaudreault says:

    I picnic with my sisters and listen to music under a huge tree as i clean their tombstones and celebrate them !

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