1. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Thank goodness we have these cameras that can take such fine photos of those things that move so fast we cannot see the details well. Look at those complex colors on the feathers!

  2. lisa von saunder says:

    ooh another still hummer -what a wonderful artistic shot

  3. Kathy Raney says:

    One of my husband’s simplest pleasures is putting out the hummingbird feeders come summertime, watching, and photographing these amazing creatures. He has them hanging everywhere in the backyard which draw so many beautiful hummingbirds all summer long. They’re fairly brave little birds too! Yesterday my cat was sitting on the back of the loveseat next to an open screened window. A hummingbird flew right up to his face, and hung there looking at the cat for what seemed like forever. Needless to say the cat freaked and ran away. I wish I had captured it on video!

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