GIVEAWAY: “Farm to Girl, Stitchin’ Post”

For a chance to win a FREE sampling of Farm to Girl skin-care products, tell me what color of flower would look best tucked behind your ear in the comments below. (My choice would be a red lily, or maybe a yellow rose, or maybe a pink peony or …) I’ll toss your name into a hat and draw a lucky winner sometime mid-October.


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  1. Amber Hersh says:

    The best and most favorite color/flower best.tucked behind my ear is a sunshine yellow sunflower. The ones that grow wild here on the Colorado plains. It ia my favorite flower because I love how it catches the sunlight and glows with illumination. It is also my five year old son’s favorite flower to pick and bring to me and tuck behind my ear. He loves it when I wear a sunflower in my hair <3

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    I think I would like a dark pink Dahlia tucked behind my ear. This Farm to Girl skin care products has me intrigued. I am looking forward to learning more in our upcoming issue.

  3. Cheryl Herron says:

    If I had to choose one flower to wear in my hair, it would be a pink Gerbera Daisy. Pink is a good color for me to wear and the Gerbera Daisies have such a strong presence.

  4. Joan H. says:

    These products are right up my alley! I’m brunette and brown eyed and RED is my color. Thank you!

  5. Catherine says:

    I feel a violet tucked behind my ear would be the right touch as I reach for my skin care products & start my day. When I was in high school back in the 50’s, our family had a few cows and we used ‘Bag Balm’ on our hands. It was greasy yet did the trick for dry cracked hands.

  6. Melissa Eloe says:

    Definitely a red rose in full bloom.

  7. CJ Armstrong says:

    it’s a pink peony for me . . . one of my own and the fragrance is heavenly!

  8. Sara says:

    The Hibiscus flower with splashes of red color across its white petals would be my best choice for tucking behind my ear to look natural, just like the Farm to Girl skin-care products would also give a more natural look and feel that is good for the skin.

  9. Mary Pitman says:

    I would love to have a yellow rose tucked behind my ear, in memory of my daughter, who loved yellow roses.

  10. Linda Harris says:

    I think a orange/Coral gerbra daisy wouldl ook just peachy behind my ear!!!!!

  11. Jan Post says:

    I love carnations and it would be pink as I have heard it stands for Mother’s Love.

  12. Brenda White says:

    A white rose! I love them!

  13. Susan Boysen says:

    Purple Passion flower!

  14. Darcy Howell says:

    I would choose a Texas Bluebonnet one of my favorites, can’t wait each year to see the first Bluebonnet of the season!

  15. Lory Coulombe says:

    I love the color blue and it would look pretty in my gray hair

  16. Valerie says:

    I think a Beautiful big white Peony would be beautiful behind my ear. Smells heavenly and looks so Beautiful might bring out the Beautiful spirit around me.

  17. winnie Jackson says:

    I love this wonderful flower sent down from my great grandmother it is called Rose Champion and her name was rose. I see this beautiful berry color flower each season and I remember her with many of these plants that surrounded her home. I found out later in life why My great grandmother had so many of these plants. I just bet her husband was the first to start this plant in her garden. It was past down to her daughter, my grandmother, Emily to my mom, Nancy and now me. I would love this flower tucked behind my ear. It is so delicate. Winnie Jackson

  18. Denise Dugan says:

    A pink peony-my mother’s favorite flower.

  19. Cheryl bell says:

    I think a Texas Bluebonnet. it’s unusual to put behind the ear, but I’m a Texas country girl so why not!

  20. Gaye Durst says:

    A multi plumeria!

  21. Alice Minasian says:


  22. cheryl seals says:

    How awesome is this new skincare stuff ! I just love the label that is adorable ! My favorite flower would be the sweet spicy smell of the small pink carnations I could just sniff them all day an to have on tucked in my hair would allow me to sniff all day ! When I got married almost 40 yrs ago I so wanted to have those spicy carnations not only in my hair but at my wedding , but alas my mother thought the hair thing was way out there,, an it was a January wedding an so none of them could be found for even my bouquet..Piddle SO i settled for reg dusty rose & cream colored carnations which are my fav too.

  23. NORA C WINDHAM says:

    A wonderful smelling Gardenia behind my ear and it’s my favorite flower !

  24. I think a posy of white daisies would look bonny tucked into my brown hair. My Hunky Hubbie calls me his Brown Haired Lass. Daisies are my favorite flower. I’m not sure why, they just call my name.

  25. arlene wilder says:

    a white gardenia would be lovely

  26. Leisa Joan says:

    oh, but to choose just one…the Peony is my favorite, the old fashioned one with lots of fragrance. ahhh

  27. Lisa Ann says:

    A Gardena or peony (any color) would be beautiful.

  28. Carol says:

    I love the older fragrant peonies. I’d have to shake off the ants first!

  29. Phyllis Kauffman says:

    A simple blackeyed susan

  30. Dana Skelly says:

    Some burgundy snapdragons would be lovely!

  31. Kit naedele says:

    Definitely Cheyenne spirit echinacea my new favorite.

  32. Kathie Arseneau says:

    Lavender with some dusty miller. What a lovely look!

  33. michele hurley says:

    I would tuck a ‘autumn beauty’ behind my ear. I just adore sunflowers, I plant some every year. I like this quote : “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. It’s what the sunflowers do.” -Helen Keller

  34. Rachel says:

    Lily of the valley. Sweet simplicity!

  35. Renae Ratterree says:

    I would be wearing purple lilacs, they smell heavenly.

  36. Sylvia Jacobus says:

    A pink carnation, my Nana’s favorite and mine….

  37. Kelly Higginbotham says:

    I love yellow roses because my birth place is Texas. I miss it so.

  38. Diane Van Horn says:

    My favorite color is red but since my hair is red, I think a yellow Black Eyed Susan would look nice behind my ear.

  39. Sarah Puskar says:

    Pink any pink flower. My favorite flowers are pansy and orchids. I think daisys look beautiful tucked behind ears or even braided in your hair.

  40. Elaine Pendergrast says:

    Any purple flower! Purple is my favorite color and I would go for any shade of purple and any flower! 🙂

  41. Heidi Scheibner says:

    Anything in the orange/salmon color family. Orange just makes me smile!

  42. April Tovar says:

    Red poppy!

  43. Mandy J Jordan says:

    The best color flower tucked behind my ear is the orange-red zinnia. My favorite flower this summer. It was my first time growing them in my raised bed. They took over and my husband was in shock. He thinks he is married to an organized gardener. Not!! He loves me just the same. So yep orange-red, I need a lot of sparkle in my life.

  44. Kelly ONeal says:

    Me too on the orange zinnia tucked behind my ear. That or a barely pink almost white rose. These products look amazing.

  45. Amanda Rae says:

    I might opt for a delicate white flower. What a lovely thought, this is why I love you MaryJane! <3

  46. Sherry Hopper says:

    Flaming Red — any flower in flaming red — would be fabulous with my dark hair and skin. It’s a natural fit!

  47. Arlene Gallegos says:

    This year I have fallen in love with Dallias they seem to keep blooming all season and come in a variety of colors. My favorite is the crimson Dallia it is bright and showy and warms your heart. Love you Mary Jane

  48. Karen Purkey says:

    I would love to wear a white gardenia tucked behind my ear. The fragrance of these flowers lasts for days.

  49. Karla Welsh says:

    Tucked behind my ear would be a vibrant, dark purple Morning Glory with all it’s gentleness making a statement…I am here.

  50. Suzan Getch says:

    Pink zinnia would be perfect.

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