Acorn Art

Already feeling fall on the horizon?

Photo by Unsplash via Pixabay

Here’s a simple, woodsy craft to get your autumn juices bubbling: Acorn Bead Pendants.

A YouTube crafter who goes by the name Miah Wolf Fang posted a detailed DIY that will guide you from start to finish on this pretty little project.

Before you leap into a lovely leaf pile of fall crafting, gather up the following:

Needle-nose or flat-head pliers
Copper headpins
Glass, resin, or wooden beads
Acorn caps (finding them is fun, but you can buy them here)
E6000 Permanent Craft Adhesive

Now, watch and create:

  1. Krista says:

    This is such a cute craft! It would be fun to make a bracelet out of these acorn beads and the process seems so easy. It would also be fun to make some and give them away to help others feel the fall season.

  2. Oh, how precious is that message?!? Just adorable! Love the acorn pendant craft, too…Will keep this in mind for my Fall loving friends, as a little Autumn happy. Thank you for sharing and have a great day! ~ Donna =)

  3. great craft but BEWARE! here on the east coast acorns usually have little weevils in them . so be sure to freeze the acorns in your freezer for about 2 weeks, wrapped in several ziplocks. that will kill them and then you can safely and happily craft away.

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