1. BB king says:

    thank heavens gone are the days my windows looked like this. I lived in an uninsulated 1700’s house in Vermont and the ice would form INSIDE the house !brrrrrr!

  2. Nielsen,Winifred T. says:

    Whew, the frost and cold has moved in and refuses to leave!

  3. Diana Shelton says:

    This picture reminds me of my dads old barn [of days gone by], my siblings and I loved that barn, it was a place of feeding and bedding the animals, putting up hay in the hay loft; but much, much more. It was a place of precious memories. When the barn had to be torn down; before it fell down, we each kept a piece of memory. We made frames out of some of the wood and my sisters kept the window pane frame and put family pictures behind them and hung them on their walls. Which is now a wonderful conversation piece when friends and family stop by.

  4. Miriam Washburn says:

    On occasion, when living in California, I would come across the random healthy lemon tree not really being used and pick a few just for fresh lemonade. Most of the time , people use powder mixes. I only like fresh, homemade lemonade and can definitely taste the difference. So, the rare opportunity to pick fresh, untreated lemons is an amazing gift.

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