1. Jan Hubbard says:

    This barn is quite a bit like my husband’s grandfather’s barn. When it was built, grandpa had a hardwood floor put into the upper level. Many a Friday night was spent with neighbors and family ROLLER SKATING and enjoying each others company.
    This farm was recently sold and many things were restored. The new owner plans to make the barn and surrounding land into an event. Everyone we spoke to were excited that the Farm was being restored to match many of our memories.

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Now that is what I call a perfect beauty: old, stately, and full of stories from generations. What a perfect photo to start my day as you know how I love me some old red barns and tractors!!

  3. Tammi says:

    I remember my grandparents’ barn. As a younger child, some summers we would visit them. The South Dakota prairie was vast, and I loved hearing the stories of life on the farm. Especially the barn. Though I wasn’t there, the stories made me feel like I was. When I see a picture of a barn in the country, it makes me want to go there to find a story. It’s a very simple picture, thanks for sharing.

  4. Mary Rauch says:


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