1. BB king says:

    Ooh, I do so love your hummingbird photos ! Always so lovely

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    What a perfect photo!! I have been enjoying two different types of Hummingbirds at my feeder lately. They even sort of do a little chirp as they land to feed.

  3. CJ Armstrong says:

    Love hummingbirds and we have a “show” every morning around our feeder which is at the edge of our deck on the east side of the house. We usually sit out there with breakfast and/or coffee, with our cat out with a halter and on her long leash, so we sometimes leave the back door standing open.
    The other morning two hummers flew in the house, one flew back out but I had to go see about getting the other one out. It flew around into all the rooms and flew into the big south window behind our couch. It was stunned and fell down to the sill. I was able to catch it and carry it outside. It was chirping but I wasn’t sure if it was okay.
    I laid it on the edge of the deck, stroked it a bit and after a couple minutes it “woke up” and flew off in a hurry. I was grateful to see it was okay!
    We’re trying to remember to shut the door so they don’t do that again. We have at least three “regulars” who hang around a lot. Just in the last couple days a rufous showed up . . . very bossy and agressive little bird!

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