1. Margi says:

    You did not put the amount of recipe for the cream cheese part on the pumpkin brownies!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Amber waves of grain on the beautiful Palouse.

    Happy Friday MaryJane~ Warren and I just discovered what the crashing sound was last night. The screen on my desk window was chewed out, two bathroom stops were made by our fireplace, and the remnants of what looks like a bag of granola was left behind a futon! Ah, Ha! Last night we looked around, found nothing and just went on with the evening. However, today when I came home…..Bump was outside and he was INSIDE when I left. So, following one discovery after another, we have now concluded that the door that was left open a crack last night when Bump was going in and out, also brought IN a clever friend from the neighborhood. Apparently, he brought his own snack from somewhere else and then decided when he was ready to go, to just chew a nice fat opening and head out the window. My guess is this morning, Bump must have gotten hold of the scent of his tracks and followed it to the opening in the window and just headed out himself. Normally he is not anywhere outside except the backyard because he has no front claws. It looks like he got back into the backyard by sweeping himself underneath the fence in the driveway. Of course, when we asked him what happened, we just got lots of meows and twirling for pets and food. LOL!! I guess some secrets just can’t be shared.

  3. You definitely found a slice of Creator’s Heaven on Earth. And I am including that it is not by chance that this has happened, because, at my age, I’ve learned our minute-to-minute, day-to-day, week-to-week choices (thoughts, words, actions, feelings, …) add up to whether we move toward a heavenly or opposite place in life. milkaTheAppreciator

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