1. Lisa Von Saunder says:

    Looks like autumn to me, thanks for this lovely evocative photo

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    We had two Birch trees in our front yard growing up. I even remember helping to plant them and then watching them grow so much faster than me! This photo reminds me of my Virginia Home Sweet Home.

    Happy Friday sweet MaryJane!! It is also a beautiful fall morning here in Florida. My thanks to the Jet Stream for making it big effort to finally pay us a visit this week and blow away all that forever Summer we just couldn’t get out from under. I celebrated our first cool day with making black bean/sweet potato chili and your Buttermilk Biscuits from the new Cast Iron Cookbook in my Mama’s skillet. Topped with the new jar of Apple Pie Jam I found, we had a dinner fit for a King! Warren gave them a definite thumbs up which means please make these again and often. LOL!! Next up will be the sweet potato rolls this weekend and the Buttermilk-Biscuit Apple Pie. Cool weather just inspires me to make old fashioned and beloved recipes with my cast iron. I also need to get my Milk cow Kitchen book out and make fresh butter and perhaps some compound butters for the sweet potato rolls. Wish I could just sit on the porch of the BunkHouse Kitchen with you to enjoy some hot morning biscuits and coffee! If you end up doing that yourself, just remember I am there in Farmgirl solidarity with you for preserving the best of our Grandmothers and Mothers kitchens.

    I just started a book about a woman from southern Appalachia region of N.C., Aunt Arie, which is about a woman who became a focus of an English teacher and her students at a nearby local high school. They made hundreds of visits and Aunt Arie welcomed them to her very humble log cabin up a hill in the mountains. She cooked for them on her wood stove and they helped her and learned how to make the fires just perfect. Then after an abundant dinner of whatever was in season and available, they washed dished outside in two basins of hot water from drawn well water heated on the wood stove. It is just the first few chapters that I’ve read, but I am loving this story. She was a true Farmgirl at Heart just living her simple life with joy and good will.

    • MaryJane says:

      Your meals and yummies were described so vividly I could almost smell them. And a good book to enjoy them with. Aunt Arie knows how to teach a thing or two. What a wonderful experience every child deserves. Have you come across the concept of “schooling” in Finland?

  3. terry steinmetz says:

    How lovely!

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