Meet Emma and Bo Jangles

In addition to new momma Maizy, who is providing us with fresh milk, we have even more new arrivals to the farm. Emma and Bo Jangles, or Em and Bo (mother and son), are Jerseys who arrived at the farm yesterday looking as dapper and adorable as ever.

Mom is a dark fawn Jersey. Bo will most likely darken with age. What a stout little buckaroo!

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  1. Eileen Widman says:

    They are so lovely!
    I think that Jerseys are the beauty queens and kings of the bovine family!
    We have a fresh raw Dairy here in Sequim that provides us with fresh raw milk. I love going in to pet these gentle creatures. And their milk is outstanding. I make ice-cream directly from their raw milk as it has enough fat in it to make perfect ice-cream without adding more straight cream.
    The funnest part of going out to pick up our milk supply is petting the calves!!!
    We also get our fresh grass fed start to finish, beef from this wonderful farm when the baby bulls get big enough to butcher. It is the best, tenderest meat. No added bad stuff and never fed grains like corn or soy.

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