dinner a la glamping

Just as the sun was setting, we set ourselves (ourselves being me, Ace, Kim, Anita, Jennie, Donna, Michele, Barb, Lisa, Brenda, and Shery) down for a delicious potluck dinner—the decorations being the work of our fabulous hostesses …

We ate from beautiful china …

By the light of kerosene lamps …

In view of tantalizing flowers …

And oh, the food was amazing! Homemade mozarella cheese and tortillas, homegrown ‘maters, canned pickles, carrots, dilly beans, mango chutney, on and on.

Grab yer plate and let’s go.

And check out these redneck wine glasses from Donna!

Let the fun begin.

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  1. Lynne says:

    Looks divine and so much fun . . . Love the “glamping aprons” . . .

  2. That is just GORGEOUS! One day I will be there with my Big (now) Black Van :).

    Farmchick #2245

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