Old Town, Wyoming

Snooping around Upton (Old Town), Wyoming, enroute to a rodeo.

Classic Wyoming. Georgia O’Keefe?

Through the looking glass.

The original glamper.

Life is all about contrast. But an Airstream parked next to a sod hut?

Sod hut living is back in vogue (with more height to it of course), called COB, or straw bale construction.

Wide open Wyoming sky.

Be still my heart.


  1. Terry Steinmetz says:

    Love the photos! Now I’m even more anxious to get on my trip to the Grand Canyon. I love to visit new places & imagine what others lives have been like. It gives life a whole new reality when the past touches the present. And it makes me wonder just what the future will look like to me.

  2. Shery says:

    Oh My! You were in my backyard, you drove by our cows on the way to Moorcroft! The Upton farmgirls were resting up all of saturday afternoon from a weekend of partying with you & your girls. We finally left the campground at 10:30 AM, Sunday. My glamper looks like a herd of squirrels packed it for the trip home :o) I’ll be recovering from over-the-top farmgirl fun for a week! May the last leg of your journey be relaxing and safe. Godspeed. ~ Shery, your MJF ranch farmgirl blogger

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