The Back Story

While Etta Jane is awaiting giving birth at the WSU Veterinary School, our attentions are turned to the other bovine beauties at my farm. We caught Sally O’Malley this week (you may remember “Scratching Post”) getting her itch on with what’s left of this dilapidated tree. Do cows purr?


Oooo how she was enjoying it. You could hear her smile.


Then, suddenly, who comes tearing across the field with gale force? None other than Ms. Maizy, who is one of the cows I milk every day. With an eyes-closed “huff,” she knocked Sally off her tree. “Can’t you read?”

Maizy is “herd boss” around here and quite a bit larger than most of my herd. Oh, and the one leading the pack when they all get into mischief. Maizy is the one who’s figured out how to open our gates (making it so I have double locks on everything).

3 …

2 …

1 …



Oh. my. cows.

I think this cow book I’m working on has begun to go to their heads.

Now they are vying for prime photo positions?


Yes Maizy, we see you. 😉

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  1. Laurie Dimino says:

    Very Cute! Perhaps during tomorrow mornings milking session, you should have a little one on one with Miss Maizy and tell her she needs to play nice!

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    One of my daughter’s milking goats has taken on the role of Matron on the herd. She gets everything first or delivers the same Maizy move to get the point across@! It is quite interesting to see the pecking order of various species of the animal kingdom. Cute faces can be so deceiving!! Most likely when the new baby arrives home, he/she will quickly learn who actually “enforces the rules” of the pasture! Maizy, you are the Queen!

  3. Terry Steinmetz says:

    Maybe Maizy can’t help herself; she loves pictures taken ONLY of her!

  4. Darlene Ricotta says:

    What beautiful faces on those cows, Mazy seems like she is a ham, me first! me first! I loved this story.

  5. CJ Armstrong says:

    Oh the bovine games our cows play! We have so much fun working with and watching our Longhorns!
    We have a “hobby herd” of ten. Our bull is Nougat and he is a rather easy going, for a bull. Our “momma” cows are Patty, Snowflake and Ebony, Patty clearly is the BOSS!!! Then we have three steers, all different ages and in line for the freezer, Gunsmoke, Huntly and Peyrone. One young heifer, Siete and then two youngest, still nursing heifer calves are Siobhan and Pepper. Because of great variations in Longhorn markings we have a lot of different configurations to enjoy . . . and some very, very LONG horns to be watchful of!
    What fun they can be!

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