Separation Anxiety

To set the stage for how it felt to walk away from my baby for the first time, here’s a 32-second Subaru TV ad that says it all. (I love this commercial.)

And here’s my “baby” in her new home-away-from-home for the next week or so.

I know. It doesn’t look exactly pastoral. In fact, it looks a little bit like jail, BUT her new digs have 24-hour AC (this is a biggie—it’s been over 100 degrees here), no flies (this is also a biggie), and lots of eager attendants vying for the privilege to attend to her every need, including taking her for short walks. (She had them at moo—lots of ooohs and aaahs.) And I can visit. Where is she and why? She’s at the Washington State University Veterinary School until HER baby is born. (I’m hoping for a girl.) Etta Jane is a miniature Jersey and it’s her first pregnancy and she’s small and I’m a worrywart. Essentially, I’ve checked her into a bovine birthing center.


As I was leaving, we noticed the footprint of another “patient” who’d arrived earlier. Our little Etta Jane could fit all four of her hooves into one of these.


Don’t you just love her adorable raccoon eyes? I think tomorrow, I’ll frame this pic of us and hang it in her room. They’ve promised they’ll call me the minute she goes into labor. I miss her. But I’m relieved to know that if there are any complications, she’s in good hands.



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  1. Laurie Dimino says:

    Oh Mary Jane- how sweet. Wishing all the best for a fast and easy delivery for Etta Jane. Careful- she might just get used to AC and no flies! LOL. I’m hoping for a girl for you too! Please keep us updated.

  2. Winnie Nielsen says:

    Oh, wow, what a cute girl! I didn’t know that Jersey cows came in miniature. Etta Jane is for sure in the best place for the upcoming event. We have a large and small animal hospital here at the Vet School and they are quite posh compared to your average barn on the farm! Her new digs look comfy and I bet she gets lots of attention from the vet techs. How much longer till the big day? I don’t blame you one bit for checking her in early to have constant care. It will be worth every dime in the end, not to mention your peace of mind and sanity!

    The Subaru commercial is one of my favs as well. Speaking of commercials, have you seen the new Oreo cookie ones? Absolutely wonderful and fun! I especially love the one of the little girl singing to her Dad about maybe staying up a bit later. Too cute. You gotta see them if you haven’t yet.

  3. Karlyne says:

    Oh, good gracious me! My granddaughter and I have wanted a Jersey forever (well, she’s only six, so I guess for about four years), and my best friend had pointed that mini cows are … easier! But I didn’t know that they came in Jerseys! Oh, my, yes, we will be visiting as soon as Etta Jane is accepting visitors and we can make the trip! Look at all those exclamation points — we are so excited!

  4. Karla DeLong says:

    Oh I hope everything goes smoothly and without complications for Etta Jane! We are all excited to hear what she has and how she does. It looks like you left her in very capable hands, Mary Jane!! Hugs!!

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