Today’s Recipe: Watermelon Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting


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Today’s Recipe: Pistachio Melon Cake


We first published this recipe a year ago and it received a lot of attention. This recipe, as it is written (continued below), with the ingredients listed, is how we invented it. And how we tested it. If we had tested substitutions and found that they worked, we would have included that information. If you have allergies or dislikes, you need to test them yourself. We take great pride in our recipes, making them over and over again until they’re perfect. For that reason, we can’t recommend substitutions unless they go through the rigors of our test-kitchen protocol— given the number of dislikes and allergies people have, we’d never get a recipe finished. And eaten:) Please don’t ask about substitutions; get brave instead. Put your creative apron on and let our other readers know how it turned out with the substitutions you chose. And by the way, we will never publish a recipe that didn’t work for us. If it fails for you, something was different. Our recipes are tested over and over until we’re sure that if you follow our directions exactly and use the ingredients we list, you’ll be successful. My DIL Ashley, our food guru, has put together a list of FAQs for this recipe. Find it here. Come back next week for a coconut-free and nut-free watermelon cake.