Julie Beck

Julie Beck, 4th from right (okay, lefties, 5th from left), former farm employee, lives in San Francisco.

On Tuesday night, we took her and hubby, Doug, out to dinner, along with my daughter and her husband, Lucas. (I’m behind the lens.) The reason we were in San Fran, City of Charms, is yet another post I’m working on. Bedding. We were there for a meeting regarding my bedding line. Using pics I snapped, I’m going to walk you through the process, start to finish. Stay tuned for that!

Lucas, Doug, Julie, Meg

Mexican food. The best I’ve had.

And the street entertainment was upbeat. Five-gallon white buckets and gallon cans, along with a photo of the drummer getting a hug from Will Smith. (Darn GOOD stuff! The musician I mean. Will ain’t too shabby neither.)

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