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Get ready to cast your vote for jobs in rural America.

Here’s how. MORE magazine sent a crew to my farm recently for photos because they’re going to feature my Project F.A.R.M. (First-class American Rural Made) in their November issue. Make sure your subscription to More magazine is current!

I will be one of 10 innovators featured who have found ways to create jobs for women. Next summer you can vote for the job genius whose work impresses you most. The winner will get a boost from More magazine: $20,000 donated to her organization.

Our photographer was on hand to capture their photographers in action. I especially loved the “groomer” they sent. My comment after their photography crew left? “Wow, my coat is so shiny and healthy-looking now.” What woman wouldn’t love being preened (queen) for the day?

  1. Stacy~Creativmuse says:

    MaryJane you look awesome what a great opportunity! Your Nanny Bday song is adorable!

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  4. Miss Mary Jane, you’ve got my vote! Since the day I ‘accidentally’ came across your magazine while waiting for a return flight, I immediately connected with your farm-sense which was not just passed on, but taught, to me by grandparents who raised families during the Great Depression. Although I was a ‘city kid’ because I lived on the edge of town (pop. 210 if counted on a major holiday), my childhood was mostly spent on the farms of my friends or in 4-H meetings. Even now, though my grandparents have passed on and I live near a very large Texas city, I remain inspired by the principals of good stewardship and lending a helping hand that are so beautifully depicted in your magazine. Thank you, Miss Mary Jane!

  5. Nan Roberts says:

    Wow, that looks like a lot of work and fun, too. I just voted for you on the vote page. I’m very glad to find out about all these amazing women, too. I’m going to find out more about them. It’s very encouraging to see all of you there, and get a glimpse of what you all are doing for women and the world. Thank you.

  6. Congratulations Mary Jane. I have been inspired by you for a few years now after visiting one of your shops. And the magazine is fabulous. I always think it is excellent when “mainstream” culture acknowledges agriculture. After all. . . wiithout food. Best of luck.

  7. Karen Smith says:


    I subscribe to MORE (and, of course, MaryJanes Farm) and loved the November article. You look fabulous! I just voted for you. Fingers crossed!

  8. Just wanted to let you know that your magazine, books & etc. are not only informative but the design is beautiful! I love the fact that you make an organic lifestyle such an enjoyable approach to life! I know it’s becoming mainstream now but it’s a lifestyle I was brought up with. I voted for you – good luck and thanks for all your hard work in creating something inspiring and beautiful!

  9. Mary Jane Butters Hipshear says:

    Of course I’ll have to vote for you – we have the same name! My sister-in-law found your magazine at the book store and bought it for me. My daughter, Nora and I both enjoy your magazine very much.

  10. Sharon Pickerd says:

    I saw your magazine at a fiber fest and have since subscribed. Keep up the good work, have to go
    now, I have to cast my vote. Good Luck

  11. Linda Cuttings says:

    You deffinately have my vote. I have been reading you magazine from you very first issue (back in the day when they were published when ever) and I still have every issue. Your magazine is so wholesome with so many articles that make us think about what we are doing to our wonderful and what we can do to keep it that way. God gave us such a wonderful world and we are the keepers as we make our journey through life. Keep those wonderful articles coming.

  12. I just voted! Thank goodness for you and the wonderful, positive community you have created! You inspire me to be a better person in every way. Good luck with this vote… I KNOW you will win!
    Much love,
    Alice ~ Farmgirl 12

  13. Christine McCombs says:

    I just voted! May God bless you in the vote! Love the magazine! Hope one of these day I can get my husband to bring to your farm and stay a night!

  14. Toni Cook says:

    I found your magazine at our Tractor Supply Comp. I started reading and could not put it down, three years later I still wait for it in my mailbox, it is a good day when I see it! For my birthday after the first magazine I asked for your books and the hubby ordered them what a treat best bithday present ever! I vote for you, the most amazing woman I have come to know thru your magazine.Keep up the good work so many of us dream of living your life, as for me I’m on my way to finding that life, we have started building a cabin that is going to be green all the way can’t wait to live the good life.

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