Rascal’s Adventure

Time is ticking slo-o-o-o-wly. Stomach grumbling. Meow.

Our little furry friend Rascal was getting a bit anxious Saturday night in Ace’s apartment. Rolling around, playing with her blue, furry mouse, scratching her post. It just wasn’t as fun as her work week here at the farm as the design studio mascot.

Where were the TREES? The BIRDS? The BLUE SKY?

Traffic loomed and raced outside the window as Rascal pondered the realities of the movie Homeward Bound. She poked her nose at the screen, it gave way, and she walked right out onto the ledge. Freedom!

Fifteen feet to the pavement separated her from cahoots with jungle cats, wild dogs, and an array of foreign smells and sights. She made the leap. Weaving in and out of traffic, shouts and laughter greeted her as she chased a wonderful little moth into the intersection of Grand Avenue and Main Street.

Oh what fun! Pouncey, pounce, pounce.


Propelled into the sky by two hands, our little friend released her last meal with a pfft.

No tags?

When everyone arrived for work on Tuesday after the long weekend, we were so very sad to hear that our little Rascal was lost and …

gone forever?

The two hands that saved her from a run-in with a car, took her to the only business open on Labor Day, the local pet grooming salon. Along with Ace’s fliers around town, she eventually found her way back to the design studio at MaryJanesFarm.


All in a day’s work.

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  3. Judy Jones-McCown says:

    ~~whew~~ Rascal was a very lucky kitty….could have been squashed kitty. We have a “Rascal” too. A (he)kitty,very orange and stripy. He gets to go out on the back patio on his leash with “mom&Dad”, when they go out to read the paper or enjoy a cool glass of tea or lemonade. Sometimes they even walk him thru the grass to see what (cool) bugs lurk there, for chasing…don’t ya know! He’s quite a spoiled boy…and knows it too. After all, that’s what kitty cats are for! *meow*

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